Dear CM Yogi, How Will ‘Hindu Rule’ In Kashmir Guarantee Safety?

Dear CM Yogi, How Will ‘Hindu Rule’ In Kashmir Guarantee Safety?

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UP CM Yogi Adityanath is of the opinion that the problem with Kashmir isn't terrorism, but rather the lack of 'Hindu leadership' in the state. If Kashmir is governed by Hindus, then the problems will magically vanish.

On 29 October during the BJP’s Sikh Samagam, he said:

As long as there was a Hindu ruler in Kashmir, Hindus and Sikhs were safe. As soon as the Hindu king lost his power the situation of Hindus also began to turn bad. What is the situation there today? Today, can anyone feel safe there?
Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh 

Yogi Adityanath must remember that he has now transitioned from a Mahant of a temple to the head of the most populous state of the country. He must, at least now, stop making statements that instigate violence among the people. Such statements seem to be an extension of his former avatar.

At least, that is the sense we get when we read the articles on his website Here’s a look at some of those articles.

The title of one such article is Lahuluhan Kashmir (A Bloody Kashmir).

The article reads, “Whatever is happening in Kashmir is in line with the basic principles of Islam. It’s an error on our part that we are unable to recognise the brutal, violent and regressive face of Islam.”   
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The second such article is headlined: Savdhan! Yeh Islami Atankwad Hai (Beware! This is Islamic Terror)

“What is this terrorism? Is it a synonym of Islam?”   
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Title of the article: Idiot Mujahideen

In another article related to Kashmir, you wrote, “Wherever the followers of Islam have migrated, irrespective of their strength, they have terrorised the world.”
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After reading these articles here are a few questions for Yogi Adityanath.

  • What connection do brainwashed youth who pelt stones have with Islam?
  • Pakistan sending intruders into India for its personal agenda is inspired by which Islamic law?
  • Is rape of women an Islamic connection? Like the rape of an innocent girl in Kathua, for instance. Was it Islam that was responsible?
When J&K was under Governor’s rule it was governed by a Hindu ruler... sorry, a Hindu Governor. By your logic, everything should have been fixed in that time. Right now, Satyapal Malik is running the state, does that imply that there are no problems in Kashmir? 

Dear chief minister, will you make laws for protection of the public after checking their religion? Whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim?

Everyone has a right to safety. Safety isn't guaranteed by a 'Hindu King,' a 'Sikh King' or 'Islamic rule'.

If you can't heal wounds, then at least don't deepen them. Because of the ego of a few, Kashmir has turned into a victim. At the core of the problem exists a historical context, geo-political reasons and a bitter rivalry between India and Pakistan.

Yogi Adityanath ji, in the name of safety of Kashmir, don't colour the issue in religious tones to score some political points.

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