Our Story
The Quint, launched in March 2015, is India’s fastest-growing pure-play digital news and views platform. Mobile-first and highly interactive, we bring a distinctive combination of compelling, credible, and community-driven journalism blended with innovative, visually powerful storytelling formats — to deliver incisive takes on politics, policy, gender, entertainment, sports, health and wellness, web culture, and more.

Our team is a collective of reporters, storytellers, editors, video and audio producers, designers, product managers, and data analysts, who have cut their teeth on the best news teams in the country. At the helm, we have some of the best minds in the industry who have honed their craft for years in the media, and today, lead a fearless newsroom. As a newsroom, we are notably diverse, and we continue to acknowledge a sincere commitment towards making inclusivity a necessity.

We are participative in our approach to newsgathering — with a robust citizen journalism vertical, My Report — and we partner with our readers in our hunt for fake news through our WebQoof vertical that debunks mis/disinformation in both Hindi and English. We are certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) — a recognition of our expertise, bipartisan approach, and credibility.

Our reporters fan out into deep interiors of the country for ground reports — finding stories that often get drowned out in prime-time debates. We have eminent authors writing for us, and we maintain the diversity of voices on our site.

Our journalism aims to be extensive, yet inclusive; hard-hitting, yet sensitive. We are a platform for marginalised voices and strive to bring stories from India’s most remote corners. We have tried to lead conversations on issues that matter — and continue to bring you unheard voices, humanise big events, and propel change.
How Are We Funded?
The Quint is owned by Quint Digital Limited, a company listed on the BSE Limited. Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur are the Promoters of Quint Digital Limited (formerly known as Quint Digital Media Limited). Please refer to the corporate website of the company at www.quintdigitalmedia.com.
The Quint’s Special Initiatives
At The Quint, we go beyond daily headlines by diversifying into focus areas and community tools that are crucial to our journalism.
• My Report
Our robust and award-winning citizen journalism vertical, My Report is a community-driven platform that passes the microphone to India’s janta, allowing you to voice your concerns, raise issues that matter to you, and report on your most pressing grievances.

The process is simple, participative, and personal. Reach out to the My Report team and they will walk you through the steps to tell your story more effectively and powerfully. Reach out at myreport@thequint.com or WhatsApp at +919999008335.
• WebQoof
From using in-house technology to on-ground reportage, our fact-checking arm WebQoof integrates multiple sources of information to verify dubious claims and forwards. In 2020, WebQoof became a signatory of the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) ‘Code of Principles’. IFCN principles are followed by fact-checkers across the globe to promote transparent and non-partisan fact-checking.

As propaganda and hate-driven disinformation campaigns escalate rapidly, WebQoof has been at the forefront of exposing false viral claims and bringing out the truth. Today, WebQoof attracts a dedicated audience that reads our stories and participates by bringing attention to claims circulating on social media. A video-first platform, WebQoof attempts to convert its fact-checked stories into quick videos, so it reaches a wider audience.

To report fake news or get a forward/viral claim fact-checked, write to us at webqoof@thequint.com or WhatsApp at +919540511818.
• Special Projects
The Quint’s Special Projects include powerful documentaries, impactful long-form investigative reports, and deep dives into issues of social and national interest. Our journalists often risk their lives and health to cover these stories. Many of these projects are developed over months; several adopt innovative storytelling methods that are often the first of their kind in the industry; and some are accessed from India’s remote or inaccessible regions with the help of local stringers and journalists. Check out our ongoing special projects HERE.
• The Quint World
The Quint World is a special offering for our international audiences, which focuses on stories that impact the Indian diaspora. While it brings content from home to Indians across the globe, the extensive coverage and features are about everything that concerns the Indian diaspora.
Focus Areas
The Quint periodically takes stock of topics, issues, and causes that are relevant to the times we live in and ensures that these stories do not go untold. Some of our top focus areas include gender, health, law, economy, everyday communalism, and unemployment.

In addition, we are also building a vertical around climate change, through detailed, on-ground coverage of vulnerable populations and landscapes. Through a mix of documentaries, special reports, expert interviews, and more, we hope to highlight the issues caused by this global crisis through the perspectives of those on the frontlines of it.
Supporting India’s Growing Digital News Media
The Quint is a founding member of the DIGIPUB News India Foundation, established to help ensure a healthy and robust digital news ecosystem. The platform represents digital news media organisations, with its membership open to digital-only ventures as well as media commentators and independent journalists active in the digital news space.

Together, the members of the DIGIPUB News India Foundation aim to represent, amplify, and evolve best practices that are independent and uphold the highest standards of journalism.
The Quint’s Membership Community
The Quint's special projects, investigations, and fact-checks make us stand out in the clutter. But producing these stories takes up time, resources, and risks borne by our on-ground reporters. By financially empowering our journalism, Quint Members not only help us meet our production targets but ensure that these stories are heard and keep independent journalism alive, unbiased, and relevant.

These members enjoy a host of perks, including access to paywalled content, an ad-free experience on The Quint’s website, early previews of our Special Projects, and more.

Not a Quint Member yet? Help us do what we do better! Choose your plan HERE.
Correction Policy
Owning up to any error quickly and completely, and being transparent when correcting a factual error — that’s our mantra. Therefore, as a professional organisation, while we endeavour to work with flawlessness and accuracy, we are also mindful of the fact that mistakes need to be corrected promptly.

We admit and correct any serious factual errors at the first opportunity, subject to legal advice where appropriate. Any amendment is notified at the bottom of an article. If a retraction is needed, it is accompanied by an explanation as to why it was felt to be necessary.


See something that seems off? You can reach out to our Grievance Officer, Nidhi Mahajan, at grievance@thequint.com.
Awards and Recognitions
Ever since we started, The Quint has received industry recognition and accolades through a range of awards for our work, our products, and our exceptional editorial projects. Here is a laundry list of the awards we’ve won over the years:

  • 2024
  • 2023
  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards*
• Gold: Best News Website: www.thequint.com
• Gold: Best Use of Video: ‘Women Don't Just Enjoy Erotica, Some Even Write It
• Silver: Best Data Visualization: ‘When Hitler Made a Team Pull Out, the World Cup without a Final
• Silver: Best Fact-Checking Project: ‘The Making of #BoycottPathaan
• Bronze: Best Fact-Checking Project: WebQoof

*WAN-IFRA Jury Notes:
One jury member noted, “The Quint has strong branding and a good visual signature. Its value proposition lies in original reporting and multimedia storytelling. Overall, the site appears comprehensive without being overwhelming, and the stories are presented in an engaging and shareable manner. It’s good that they seamlessly weave in short-form video and fact-checking in their coverage.”

Another juror said, “The elegant design update translates well to mobile, providing users with vast opportunities to continue content consumption and discovery.”

Ramnath Goenka Awards for Excellence in Journalism
• Award in ‘Uncovering India Invisible’ category: Vishnukant Tiwari: ' बस्तर में आदिवासी क्यों करते हैं सुरक्षाबलों का विरोध?' ('Why Bastar's Adivasis Resist Security Forces')
• Award in 'Investigative Reporting' category: Meghnad Bose: 'PM-CARES Promised Rs 100 Crore for Vaccine Development. Where Did That Money Go?'

India Audio Summit and Awards
• Best Show (Podcast – Arts & Entertainment): 'Do I Like It'
• Best Show (Podcast – Society & Culture): 'Urdunama'
• Best Show Host (Podcast – Arts & Entertainment): Prateek Lidhoo for 'Do I Like It'

INMA Global Media Awards 2024
• Honorable Mention – Best Use of Visual Journalism and Storytelling Tools: Abhishek Anand, Aishwarya Varma, The Quint Lab, WebQoof: 'Generative AI Images Are Deceiving Everyone. We Made a Cheatsheet To Debunk Them'

e4m Digione Best of the Internet Awards 2024
• Silver: Best News Website: www.thequint.com

The SOPA Awards 2024
• Honorable Mention – Excellence in Journalistic Innovation (Regional): Anthony S Rozario, The Quint Lab: 'Hellhole - The Reality of Manual Scavenging in India'
• Finalist – Excellence in Video Reporting (Regional): Fatima Khan: 'Many Anti-Conversion Arrests in UP Defy the Law They Are Based On'

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards*
• Champion Publisher of the Year 2022
• Gold: Best News Website: www.thequint.com
• Gold: Best special project for COVID-19/Pandemic Reporting: ‘लड़की हूं... पढ़ना चाहती हूं | India's Girls Out Of School’
• Gold: Best Data Visualization: ‘Islamophobia 365: Lynchings and Beyond | How Anti-Muslim Hate in UP Has Grown Exponentially Since 2017’
• Silver: Best Data Visualization: ‘Seeds of Protest: How Three Farm Laws Sparked a Massive Movement’
• Silver: Best Use of Video: ‘Rising Waters and Sinking City: Mumbai Against the Tides’
• Bronze: Best Native Advertising/Sponsored Content Campaign: ‘Ask Him Today — Does He See You As An Equal?’ with Ariel

*WAN-IFRA Jury Notes:
Juror 1: This (website) continues to be a strong, independent journalistic voice, that genuinely experiments with formats and storytelling, and feels deeply digital.

Juror 2: Impressive range of offerings and formats that will cater to many types of readers. While the design is clean, it offers quite a lot for the reader/browser. The format of explainers in 5 cards is useful for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed by information.

Juror 3: It is a refreshing offering, having a daily live chat with anchors. And the integration of vertical video is something that more publications should take inspiration from as they look to appeal to people who don’t have time to read a long article.

Jury note link: https://wan-ifra.org/2023/01/south-asian-digital-media-awards-2022-winners-announced/

India Audio Summit and Awards
• Best show host (Podcast — Fiction): Athar Rather: ‘Qisse Kahaniyaan’
• Most popular show (Podcast — Arts & Entertainment): ‘Urdunama’

afaqs! Vdnonxt Awards
• Gold: News & Features: ‘Gurugram Namaz: Looking for Space and Dignity to Pray in 'Millennium City'’
• Gold: Documentary: ‘After 32 Years of Exile, Nothing Has Changed for Kashmiri Pandits’
• Gold: Social Awareness: ‘लड़की हूं... पढ़ना चाहती हूं | 'Cleaned Toilets in COVID Hospital': Girls in Mumbai Slum’
• Silver: Documentary: ‘‘Apna Time Aayega’: When Dalits Fight for Dignity’
• Silver: Documentary: ‘बाइज़्ज़त बरी: What Acquittal Means For Muslims Wrongfully Accused of Terror’
• Silver: Social Awareness: ‘‘I’d Do It Again’: Hindu Man Who Saved Lives of 8 Muslims in Ayodhya in 1992’
• Silver: Best Use Of Aerial Videography: ‘How a Marshland is Chennai's Only Hope Against Water Crisis’
• Bronze: News & Features: ‘Delhi Riots 2020: Marred by Violence, Children who Lost their Father Look For Hope in a School’
• Bronze: Social Awareness: ‘‘They Fired Me Once I Lost My Fingers’: Car Parts Factory Workers Share Ordeal on Labour Day’

afaqs! Digies Digital Awards
• Best Microsite (Digital): ‘Sandesh to a Soldier’ with JK Paper

Ramnath Goenka Awards
• Award in ‘Uncovering India Invisible (Broadcast)’ category: Tridip K Mandal: 'Diaries From the Detention Camps of Assam'

SOPA Awards
• Finalist: 'Islamophobia 365: Lynchings and Beyond'

afaqs! Digipub Awards
• Gold: Best Article Series: 'Trafficking of minor girls from Jharkhand to Cities' series
• Gold: Best Use of Podcast: 'Urdunama'
• Gold: Best Video Series: ‘लड़की हूं... पढ़ना चाहती हूं | India's Girls Out Of School'
• Silver: Best Coverage of Entertainment: The Quint
• Silver: Best Coverage of Sports: The Quint
• Silver: Best Innovation in Publishing: Multimedia Immersives by The Quint Lab
• Silver: Best Section: WebQoof
• Silver: Best Feature Article (Text): 'How Assam's Crackdown On Child Marriages Is Hurting Women, One Family at A Time'
• Silver: Best Video Feature: 'Single Mom Chanchal Sharma Drives an E-Rickshaw With Her Son Strapped To Her Chest'
• Silver: Best Video Series: 'Motherhood and Medals'
• Silver: Best Interactive Story: 'Flooded but Parched In Chennai: How Is the Coastal City Both Dry and Drowning?'
• Silver: Best Use of Infographics: 'Amritpal Singh's 350 km 'Escape Route': 6 Places in 2 Days. But Where Is He Now?'
• Bronze: Best Local Journalism: Khargone coverage
• Bronze: Best Investigative Story: 'Exclusive | Many Anti-Conversion Arrests in UP Defy the Law They Are Based On'
• Bronze: Best Brand Partnership: 'Sajjad's Story Of Connecting The Children Of Kargil to the World'

Human Rights Religious Freedom Journalism Awards
•Best Video Story on Human Rights and Religious Freedom (Joint Winner): Fatima Khan for 'Death Threats, Lost Friendships, Ruined Education—Human Cost of Karnataka’s Hijab Ban'

afaqs! The Future of News Awards
• Gold: Best Coverage of Social Issues: ''Are We Victims or Criminals?’ Child Brides in Gujarat Fight For Nutrition'
• Gold: Best Inquiry into Fake News: 'The Making of #BoycottPathaan'
• Gold: Best Investigative Reporting: 'The Witches of Jharkhand'
• Gold: Best Rural Reporting: ''Sacrificed For Dam, Not Statue of Unity': Why 6 Villages Want Their Lands Back'
• Gold: Best Talk Show: 'Badi Badi Baatein'
• Bronze: Best Follow-up Reporting: The Quint’s coverage on the controversy over Karan Kataria and LSE poll violations
• Bronze: Best Investigative Reporting: 'Exclusive | Many Anti-Conversion Arrests in UP Defy the Law They Are Based On'
afaqs! The Future of News Awards
• Gold: Best Coverage of Social Issues (English): ‘Uprooted: From Jammu to Srinagar, Stories of Kashmiri Pandits in Exile’
• Gold: Best Follow-up Reporting (English): ‘‘I’d Do It Again’: Hindu Man Who Saved Lives of 8 Muslims in Ayodhya in 1992’
• Gold: Best Investigative Reporting (English): ‘PM-CARES Promised Rs 100 Crore for Vaccine Development. Where Did That Money Go?’
• Gold: Best Rural Reporting (English): ‘'Apna Time Aayega': When Dalits Fight for Dignity’
• Gold: Best Coverage of Entertainment (English): ‘‘Dubbed & Superhit’: This is How South-Indian Films are Dubbed in Hindi’
• Gold: Best Mobile Phone Story (English): ‘Nagaland Killings: Telling The Story Through The Eyes of Those Left Behind’
• Silver: Best Current Affairs Programme (English): ‘Baizzat Bari: What Acquittal Means for Muslims Wrongfully Accused of Terror’
• Bronze: Best Coverage of Social Issues (English): ‘Voices Behind the Veil: The Human Cost of Karnataka's Hijab Ban’
• Bronze: Best Use of Infographics in a News Story: ‘Rising Waters and Sinking City: Mumbai Against the Tides’
RedInk Awards
• Award in Environment (TV) category: Tridip K Mandal and independent journalist Dominic Savio Diengdoh: ‘How a Village In Meghalaya Fought Against Uranium Mining’
• Award in Women Empowerment and Gender Equality (TV) category: Aishwarya Iyer:‘The System That Silences Rape: Tracking 4 Sexual Assault Survivors in UP's Banda’

tve Global Sustainability Film Awards
• Shortlisted for Young Filmmaker for the tve GSFA 2022: Himanshi Dahiya: ‘Rising Waters and Sinking City: Mumbai Against the Tides’

Laadli Media Awards (Regional)
• Jury Appreciation Citation: Mythreyee Ramesh: ‘Revisiting Chhoti Nirbhaya: How a 10-Year-Old Rape Survivor is Healing’

afaqs! Media Brand Awards
• Best Branded Content Campaign: ‘#MakeItPossible’ with Ariel

IMA South Indian Marketing Awards
• Gold: Branded Content: ‘#MakeItPossible’ campaign
• Silver: Branded Content: ‘#T20Championship with Ayaz Memon’

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards
• Gold: Best Use of Online Video: ‘Life in an Auto’
• Silver: Best News Website (or) Mobile Service: The Quint

RedInk Awards
• Award in Human Rights (TV) category: Tridip K Mandal and independent journalist Syed Shahriyar: ‘My Life in Kashmir’

StreamCon Asia Awards
• Gold: Podcast/Audio Content Creator of the Year: The Quint
• Gold: Best Podcast Show: ‘Urdunama’
• Silver: Best Video Campaign on Facebook: ‘Me, the Change’

Ramnath Goenka Awards
• Award in ‘Investigative Reporting’ category: Electoral Bonds coverage
• Award in ‘Uncovering India Invisible’ category: ‘Lynchistan’
• Award in ‘Hindi Journalism’ category: Muzaffarnagar Riots follow-up

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards
• Gold: Best Paid Content Strategy: BQ Blue — Bloomberg Quint
• Silver: Best in Audience Engagement: ‘Last Messages from Galwan’
• Bronze: Best Native Advertising/Branded Content Campaign: ‘#ChangeWhatYouCan’ with MG Motor

Adobe Vdonxt Awards
• Gold: Documentary: ‘Generation 1984: Living With the Horrors of the Anti-Sikh Riots’
• Gold: Documentary: ‘Mewat’s Meo Muslims Turn the Scars of Lynching into Haunting Songs’
• Gold: News & Features: ‘The Badass Women Photojournalists of Kashmir’
• Gold: News & Features: ‘This Festive Season, Watch Women Beat Stereotypes’
• Bronze: Documentary: ‘Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen: The Indian Drag Scene Is Here’
• Bronze: Documentary: ‘Two Years Later, Chhoti Nirbhaya Is Fearless But Still Haunted’
• Bronze: Documentary: ‘Born a Boy, Now a Woman: Stories of Sex Reassignment Surgery’
• Bronze: Animation: ‘If I Could Turn Back Time Ft. Akhlaq, Junaid and Pehlu Khan’
• Bronze: Lifestyle: ‘My Sleep Diary: How I Trained Myself to Go to Bed on Time’
• Bronze: News & Features: ‘Bollywood Backstage: A Glimpse Into Bollywood’s Paparazzi Culture’

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards
• Silver: Best Native Advertising/Branded Content Campaign: ‘The Bold Brunch’
• Silver: Best Use of Online Video: ‘The Making of Lynchistan: Killing in the Name of the Cow’
• Bronze: Best News Website or Mobile Service

WAN-IFRA World Digital Media Awards
• 3rd Place: Best Innovation to Engage Youth Audiences: ‘Talking Stalking’ campaign

RedInk Awards
• Award in Human Rights (TV) category: Tridip K Mandal
• Award in Lifestyle & Entertainment (TV) category: Vatsala Singh

Digipub World Awards
• Website of The Year (General News and Features): The Quint
• Website of The Year (Business): Bloomberg Quint
• Gold: Best Site Design (English): www.thequint.com
• Gold: Interactive Story: The Quint Lab
• Gold: Best Use of Social Media (English): ‘Finding Freedom’
• Gold: Best Native Advertising (English): ‘MP Tourism’
• Gold: Best Article/Video Feature: ‘Bollywood Paparazzi’
• Gold: ‘I Have A Question’ series
• Silver: Best Innovation in Publishing: ‘Talking Stalking’ series
• Silver: Best Article/Video Feature: ‘Rape is Consensual Inside Haryana's Rape Culture’
• Silver: ‘Help Chutki’ campaign
• Silver: ‘Let’s Talk Sex’ series

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards
• Gold: Best Innovation to Engage Youth Audiences: ‘Talking Stalking’ campaign
• Silver: Best Social Media Engagement: ‘My Report’
• Silver: Best Branded Content: ‘MP Tourism’
• Bronze: Best Use of Online Video: ‘Rape Is Consensual Inside Haryana's Rape Culture’
• Bronze: Best Social Media Engagement: Bloomberg Quint and Quintype

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards
• Gold: Best Use of Online Video: ‘Mannequin Challenge: ‘Raped, Attacked and Molested’
• Gold: Best Data Visualisation: ‘Modi@3: Only 1/10th of Ganga Clean-Up Budget Spent So Far’
• Gold: Best Innovation: IPL 2017 microsite
• Silver: Best Use of Online Video: ‘Acid: The Story of a Beautiful Woman’
• Silver: Best News Website

WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Awards
• Gold: Best Reader Engagement
• Gold: Best Online Advertising Campaign: ‘I am Shatterproof’
• Gold: Best Use of Online Video: ‘The Wild West Of Uttar Pradesh’
• Bronze: Best News Mobile Service

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