'Trapped' in Russia

"There is a lot of pressure here. They can take us back to the frontline anytime," said 20-year-old Harsh Kumar, one of the Indians 'trapped' in Russia who The Quint has been in touch with even as he awaits the help of the Indian government to be rescued from Russia. Like Kumar, dozens of Indians were allegedly duped by 'trafficking' agents on the pretext of job offers and sent to Russia – where they were forcefully recruited into the country's army and made to fight in the war against Ukraine. Not only from India but even from India's neighbour Nepal, at least 2,000 men have been recruited by the Russian Army. At least 33 have lost their lives in the conflict.


Through our special reports and videos backed by foreign policy experts, we are bringing you untold stories of these men as they await their return home. Others, who were lucky enough to return, recount the horrors of serving in the Russian Army. Even as the ruling government spins a 'war rukwa di' campaign, what is the plight of the men 'trapped' in a foreign country? Help us continue our work by supporting us. Choose a plan – and become a member!

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