“Public Test Server” Error on PUBG for PS4 Confuses Gamers Online
PUBG is available on PS4.
PUBG is available on PS4.(Photo: The Quint)

“Public Test Server” Error on PUBG for PS4 Confuses Gamers Online

PUBG for PS4 was released on 6 December at midnight and many who had pre-ordered the game from the Playstation Store were anxiously waiting for the download link to go live.

To the anguish of many, the PS4 version of the game did not respond.

We downloaded the game on our console and as soon as we started the game, a message popped up on the screen saying “Public Test Server Offline”. Turns out, that wasn’t the actual game launcher.


Many took to twitter complaining that the PS4 version of PUBG was not working and thought that the servers were down.

People posted pictures of the “Public Test Server Offline” error on Twitter. This lead to a lot of confusion amongst many PS4 users, including me.

Seeing the commotion online, the company put up a post on its customer care handle on Twitter, requesting users not to launch the “PTS” (Public Test Server) version of the game which is what most of the people are doing.

Sony has advised users to launch the version which DOES NOT have PTS on it. If you don’t see that version on your home page, head to your library and install it from there.

PUBG also put out some critical information regarding the game online. It said that “some of you may not receive a pop up screen to claim the exclusive pre-order rewards. It may take a few lobby restarts in order to receive the pre-order item pop up screen.”

Here’s a list of all the features that have been released for PUBG on PS4.

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