Rahul Says ‘Modilie’ is a Word, Oxford Tweets ‘It Doesn’t Exist’
Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi
Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi(Photo: Altered by The Quint)

Rahul Says ‘Modilie’ is a Word, Oxford Tweets ‘It Doesn’t Exist’

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, 15 May, claimed that a new word, ‘Modilie’, has made its way into the English dictionary, taking a sly dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A morphed screenshot of 'English Living Dictionaries,' which Gandhi attached, claimed that ‘Modilie’ meant to constantly “Modify the truth, to lie incessantly and habitually and to lie without respite”.

“There’s a new word in the English Dictionary clearly meant to be a joke on Modi for lying about various issues,” Gandhi said.

However, Oxford Dictionaries was quick to respond to Gandhi’s tweet, clarifying that “the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries.”

While the snapshot resembled the official Oxford dictionary's logo, a closer look at his tweet reveals that the logo is slightly different from the original logo of the Oxford dictionary.

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A Website Chronicling ‘Modilies’

In another tweet, Gandhi mentioned a website that catalogues the best Modilies – ‘Modi Lies - The Most Accurate List Of PM Modi’s Many Lies.’

Each article in the website is linked to a news report and a 'lie meter' to engage the audience in voting.

'LIE: 130 crore Indians supported me,' 'LIE: Rahul, Sonia Gandhi or anyone from Congress has never expressed any regret for 1984 riots,' 'LIE: I used email to transmit a photograph in 1997-88' – are a few of the 'Modilies' on the website.

The website also has an archive from June 2014 to May 2019 with all of Modi's claims.

Rahul, Modi Supporters Spar on Twitter

Meanwhile, the Twitterati had the last laugh as memes poured in taking a dig at both the Congress president and the Prime minister.

"Modi is just one step away from being awarded the Nobel for his contribution in the field of speaking lies," a Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user shared a snapshot of a new word 'rahulgandhied,' which means to talk irrelevant things and thereby make a complete fool of oneself, mocking Gandhi.

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