Indrani Made Her Mother Durgarani Change a Will to Benefit Mikhail

A will was changed a week after Sheena’s death to favour Mikhail Bora, giving him motive to want his sister’s death.

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Indrani Mukerjea (R) had her mother change her will so that her son Mikhail (R) would inherit a house. (Photo: Altered by <b>The Quint</b>)

Six days after Sheena Bora’s murder, Indrani Mukerjea’s mother Durgarani Bora (acting under instructions from Indrani) changed her will (on 30 April 2012), dispossessing Sheena of the immovable property in Guwahati (the house) and making Mikhail Bora the sole beneficiary.

Mikhail made a huge financial gain from his sister’s death.

The house in Sundarpur locality on Zoo Road in Guwahati where Indrani Mukerjea’s parents lived. (Photo: Anjana Dutta)
The house in Sundarpur locality on Zoo Road in Guwahati where Indrani Mukerjea’s parents lived. (Photo: Anjana Dutta)
That it is pertinent to mention that due to some recent development in the nature of marriage of my granddaughter Sheena Bora (with Rahul) [Sheena and Rahul were not married, only engaged], without our knowledge and consent and the fact that she has left us alone with my husband and my grandson Sri Michael Bora and have decided to settle with her husband, therefore, I do hereby revoke/cancel my previous “Will” which was executed of (sic) November 2009 and was duly registered before the Registrar, Kamrup at Guwahati
Para 13, Durgarani Bora’s last will and testament

Mikhail’s Motives Were Bigger Than Others

The CBI claims that Sanjeev Khanna’s motive to take part in the conspiracy hatched by Indrani to murder Sheena Bora doesn’t hold much water. In its first chargesheet against Indrani Mukerjea, Sanjeev Khanna and Shyamwar Rai, the CBI says: “Sanjeev Khanna agreed to enter into the criminal conspiracy with Indrani Mukerjea because after the death of Sheena Bora, his own daughter Vidhie would get financial benefit and other properties of Indrani Mukerjea and Pratim (Peter) Mukerjea.”

 Sanjeev Khanna (L) and Indrani Mukerjea (R) (Photo: The Quint)
Sanjeev Khanna (L) and Indrani Mukerjea (R) (Photo: The Quint)

But Vidhie, who was born to Khanna and Indrani, had been legally adopted by Peter Mukerjea. Khanna was neither her legal guardian, nor was there any contact between him and Vidhie. Besides, it would have been long – if at all – for Khanna to wait for Vidhie to share her part of the property with her biological father. And why would Vidhie share her property with Khanna anyway?

According to the CBI, Indrani’s driver Shyamwar Rai took part in the conspiracy because he “was promised financial help. He received Rs 1.25 lakh from Kajal Sharma, Indrani Mukerjea’s personal secretary. He was employed by Indrani Mukerjea and participated in the planning and the killing of Sheena Bora and in disposal of her dead body to destroy evidence.”

For the CBI, Proving ‘Conspiracy’ Is a Challenge

It is not unknown that men, especially those of poorer economic dispositions, have been driven to conspire and murder out of greed. But Rs 1.2 lakh is too small an amount a person would accept for participating in an act of murder. The CBI suggests that Indrani roped Rai into the murder plot by speaking to him over Skype. There is no direct evidence to support this though. There is also no evidence to prove that Indrani and Rai discussed how, when and where to murder Sheena.

For the CBI, conspiracy will be difficult to prove because there is no evidence to show that all three were part of the plot at one point of time or other. For instance, Khanna met Rai for the first time on the evening of 24 April 2012, when “Indrani Mukerjea introduced him with SP Rai.”

Clearly, not only did Mikhail gain monetarily, but he also had a motive, stronger than Sanjeev Khanna and Shyamwar Rai, to kill Sheena. The question which however remains unanswered – was Sheena dead or alive at 8:30 pm on 24 April 2012?

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