Holi 2019: Think Hot Pants, White Clothes Are Your Best Bet?
Simple tips for a more fun Holi!
Simple tips for a more fun Holi!(Photo: Twitter) 

Holi 2019: Think Hot Pants, White Clothes Are Your Best Bet?

Holi is right here and we know that a week before the festival you go into a tizzy digging through those old clothes, trying to find a balance between old and fashionable. Bollywood has made you believe for years that you must wear white on Holi. But, we have some tips and warnings that could help you make the right choice.

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Don’t Go the Deepika Way and Wear Hot Pants for Holi

We know Balam Pickari is etched in your memory the moment anyone says Holi Hai!

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But kid you not, if you go the ‘hot pant way’ you will spend a lot of your time getting the colour off your skin.

The trick is to keep most of your body covered so you not only save on time but also protect your skin from those harmful chemicals. 

Tip: Go for culottes, dark solid coloured PJs or even jeans.

‘White’ for Holi is so 1990!

We know white is a beautiful colour. The dry colours used on Holi just come right through if you’re wearing white. But white can be a bit of a problem, especially if you are looking to wear something comfortable. All the water will make it transparent and we don’t want that for you.

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Tip: Opt for a t-shirt or shirt in bright colours like red, orange, green, yellow...or go rainbow!

Put Those Sunnies On...

Sunglasses are your best bet. So, go buy a cheap pair that looks cool now! You can even wear your fancy, expensive ones, but we take no guarantee for the external forces that might affect the shape or form of those sunglasses. Sunglasses make sure your eyes are protected from water and colour and also leave lesser surface area on your face to be painted. Thank us later!

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Tip: It’s easy to get dry colours off from sunglasses. You can even use a nail paint remover to clean any chemical colours.

One Day You Can Go out With Oil in Your Hair Without Being Judged...

Holi is a great day for a lazy person. Don’t have to bathe, no care and you can leave the house with oil in your hair and in fact...you must. And don’t just oil your hair, oil any exposed areas if you like. You can even use a nourishing body lotion that leaves your skin a little greasy.

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Tip: Oil it up, nice! Put your hair back in a sleek pony or a bun and it will help protect your hair too.

Now that you have some gyaan about all the styling and what kind of clothes to opt for, and enjoy Holi.

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