American Desis Lend Support to #BlackLivesMatter, Here’s How

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Video Editor: Veeru Mohan

As protestors take over the streets to express their rage over the recent death of George Floyd in the USA, it seems to have made the South-Asian community living abroad realise that this is their time to speak up too. Speak up not just against the systemic brutality that killed Floyd but also against the racism and discrimination that exists within the desi communities.

On 4 June, comedian Hasan Minhaj put out a video addressing the blatant racism and discrimination that is rampant within South Asian communities. But Minhaj isn’t the only one. Ever since the George Floyd incident first got attention on social media, Instagram has been brimming with posts by desis as well as other South Asians living abroad. They’ve been putting out call-to-action posts about why the #BlackLivesMatter movement affects not just the African Americans but all minorities. While some have been sharing educational resources, others have been opening up about their personal stories of unlearning and growing.


This video, shared and amplified by singer Kelly Rowland, explains how it’s important to trace the roots of racism against different minority groups to completely understand it.

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Actor Leela Ladneir on the necessity of speaking out against the wrongs happening in the world.


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So I’m not one to post twice on Instagram but I couldn’t sleep last night because of everything that was happening in this country and I realized I need to use my platform. My day job is in politics and I’m proud of the work I’ve done and I’m honored to work alongside passionate activists that out their bodies on the line to demand change. I learned a lot from them over the years and I just wanted to share my thoughts on what we can do to be an ally to our African American brethren. My biggest point: VOTE & DO NOT BELIEVE IT DOESN’T MATTER. Organizations to Support: @swingleft @fairfightaction @colorofchange @blklivesmatter @southasians4blacklives If I’m tagging you, it’s because I consider you a friend and I hope you’ll share. I don’t think my perspective is the most important or most objective, but this is one of the ways I want to spread this message and I know you use your platforms to affect change. So I hope you don’t mind! @dharpooja @lovelaughmirch @arfanajasar @seemahari @sruthijayadevan @pri_diddy @anihustles @anikkhan_ @richamoorjani @nabela @leelaladnier @melaniechandra @surinajindal @gayatribahl @reemasampat @_productofculture_ @urbanasian @browngirlmag @bolly_hero @sharifaeasmin @shaiirak @archanamisrajain @thesandylion @catherinedayal @thewokedesi @upsidedownsmilie @thenexusinitiative @reenaninan @gkm1

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