A Selection of the 13 Most Disappointing Under 30: India Edition

Any resemblance to actual persons is entirely intentional.

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From writing ‘om’ on their answer sheets to ‘making friends’ on Tinder, here are only a few of the things that underachievers do. (Photo: Aaqib Raza Khan/<b>The Quint</b>)

Some time ago, The New Yorker did a piece that poked fun at the American media’s practice of publishing annual lists of severe overachievers. These lists are basically their version of Sharma ji ka ladka except there are 30 of them, with a token woman and PoC thrown in.

The New Yorker’s carefully curated selection shines a light on the demographic these lists ignore: losers and flakes, flighty Samanthas and ‘Dude-bro’ Jakes.

Since India is soon going to transcend satire altogether, we figured we’d do an Indian version while we still can.

Nitin Wadhwa, 21
Made ॐ on every page of the answer script of his Physics paper.

Ratan Sood, 28
Member of four different Salman Khan fan clubs, and is recognised by his bodyguard, Shera, by sight.

(Gif Courtesy: Timblr)
(Gif Courtesy: Timblr)

Ajay Sharma, 26
Used the term ‘synergy’ in a PowerPoint presentation twice last week. Has no idea what it means, nor does he plan to look it up.

Shraddha Prasanna, 24
Tinder bio says “Here to make friends only”.

(Gif Courtesy: Giphy)&nbsp;
(Gif Courtesy: Giphy) 

Raj Sinha, 23
Commented "awesom1 dude!" on the photo of a Delhi friend's new Husky, and promptly got one of his own in Mumbai.

Anuj Gupta, 27
Has mistaken obsession with obscure anime for an actual personality.

(Gif Courtesy: Giphy)&nbsp;
(Gif Courtesy: Giphy) 

Veena Chawla, 22
Uses an iPhone to tell people how bourgeois their lives and ambitions are.


Debayudh Sen, 24
Aspiring writer. Trying to cultivate a smoking habit. Known for ironic commentary on Facebook pictures of vacationing friends.

(Gif Courtesy: Make a gif)
(Gif Courtesy: Make a gif)

Seema Pandey, 25
Searched for “rohan joshi hot pixx” on Google one night.

Mayank Yadav, 22
Identifies as a ‘Bernie bro’. Unable to name five sitting Chief Ministers of India.

Dimple, 25
Uses Maya Angelou poems to caption selfies.

(Gif Courtesy: Giphy)&nbsp;
(Gif Courtesy: Giphy) 

Shreya Pai, 26
Has a BA and MA in English lit. Now calls herself the ‘Shakespeare of PR’.

Sameer Joshi, 22
Goes to HKV, cruising for luxury cars he can take display photos of with his phone.

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