The woman was on her way to catch a bus to her workplace in Koramangala when the incident occurred. (Photo: iStockPhoto)
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Stalker Lets Abu Azmi Down, Bites Tongue of Burqa-Clad Woman

Only a week after the whole mass molestation debacle in Bengaluru on New Year’s Eve that exposed the deplorable state of the city’s security measures, has been yet another case of molestation. A stalker assaulted a woman and bit her tongue in the Koramangala area of the city.

Unfortunately, in this particular episode, it cannot be alleged by any politician or minister that the woman was improperly dressed to be able to lure the ant with sugar.

The 23-year-old burqa-clad woman was walking towards Arabic College Bus Stop near Nagawara Main Road in HRBR Layout, when a man allegedly started stalking her and later assaulted her.

The stalker also allegedly grabbed her, biting her lips and tongue. The girl also sustained injuries on her arms and legs in the process.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment and later filed a complaint with the KG Halli police.

In a separate incident that occurred in Kammanahalli on NYE, Bengaluru police confirmed that the victim in that video had been stalked by the accused for a few days before they sexually assaulted her on New Year’s Day. Four men have been arrested in connection with the case.

The CCTV footage released had generated outrage as the incident followed reports of the mass molestation on NYE.

A man is seen getting off a bike and grabbing the woman in the CCTV footage, forcibly kissing her and harassing her even as she struggles to get away. The man is then seen dragging her to his friend, who remains seated on the bike. The two of them assault her and try to remove her clothes. As the woman puts up a brave fight, trying to get away, the men shove her on to the ground and ride away, as bystanders look on and do nothing to help her.

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