Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a overwhelming time. When it comes to pregnancy care, you can do your head in with all the dos, don't, and advice coming your way from friends, family, and well wishers.

Although as a rule of thumb, you're better off taking the advice of a doctor, here is a handy list of general things to avoid when you're pregnant.


Quit Alcohol

The best way to avoid complications from drinking alcohol is to completely quit alcohol for a year or so.

According to the US NIH, one should completely abstain from drinking alcohol during all stages of pregnancy because it can be transferred to the fetus within two hours of maternal intake through the blood via the placenta. It also hinders the growth and development of the baby,and can be damaging to their health in the long run.

Avoid Certain Seafood

We all know about the healthy food options that we are asked to load up on during pregnancy like fruits, vegetables, almonds and chickpeas.

But, do you know there are certain foods which can be toxic or contain toxic elements that can hinder the growth and development of the baby?

According to the doctors at Mayo Clinic, one must avoid sea food high in mercury during pregnancy. The US Food and Drug Administration, advices avoiding swordfish, tilefish, shark, marlin and king mackeral.

Cut Down on Excess Caffeine 

There are not enough reports on how much caffeine should be taken while you are pregnant, you can ask your doctor depending on your pregnancy, trimester and complications in pregnancy. But it is advised to limit the caffeine intake during pregnancy.

According to the US NIH, regular consumption of caffeine during pregnancy affects the development of baby. It is also said to puts the baby at risk of obesity, diabetes and cancer later in life.

Avoid Certain Medications

Pregnancy brings with it certain physical complications and expecting mothers become a bit more sensitive to illness, cold and flu.

But they must remember that they can not go on popping pills like the old days. Medicines may curb the symptoms for you but it will have certain side effects which may harm the fetus or the baby.

According to the US NIH, the medicines can have lifelong effects on the baby so one must read the clinical warning on the labels, ask the doctor for safe dosage and frequency to avoid miscarriage and impaired development of the baby but they must not avoid any treatment for the fear of harming the baby.

Stop Smoking

According to the PubMed Central, maternal smoking can have adverse effects on the baby. It can lead to preterm birth, miscarriage, still birth or behavioral and psychological damage to the baby later in life.

The nicotine present in the cigarettes damages the fetal membrane and placenta that is essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


Avoid High Intensity Exercise

Exercise or any form of physical activity is important for the development of the baby and the well-being of the mother, but as the doctors at Mayo clinic suggest, certain precautions are necessary for the safety of both expecting mother and the fetus.

One must avoid activities like hot yoga, skiing, wrestling, scuba, gymnastics or horse riding.

These activities increase the risk of serious accidents which might lead to a miscarriage. You must not put immense pressure on your back or joints due to the change in your centre of gravity. Moreover, contact a doctor immediately in case of vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, dizziness or chest pain.

(This article is for your general information only. Before trying any remedy or treatment, FIT advises you to consult a qualified medical professional. )

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