The 2018 Asian Games  will feature esports as a demonstration sport.
The 2018 Asian Games will feature esports as a demonstration sport.(Photo: Reuters)
  • 1. Esports Vs Gaming
  • 2. Esports in India
  • 3. Role of the Stakeholders
  • 4. Esports as a Career Option
  • 5. Challenges For Esport in India
The Opportunities, Careers and Challenges of Esports in India

The word “esports” is being thrown around a lot lately thanks to the popularity of multiplayer online games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Little do people know that the esports industry is more than a decade old and has just shot up in India in the past couple of years with more developers and investors jumping into this sector.

Many people are taking notice about esports as a lucrative career option in India with hardware manufacturers also weaving their R&D in a way to make India-compatible and affordable gaming hardware.

But what exactly is esports and how does is shape the Indian gaming industry today? What are the challenges in this form of sport and who are the key stakeholders here who can help redefine the definition of esports in India?

We caught up with a few key stakeholders at a panel discussion organised by Intel India to answer some of these questions.

  • 1. Esports Vs Gaming

    Comparing esports to gaming is like comparing Apples and Oranges. These are two separate things.

    Esports requires a certain set of skills and training and is a professional sport which involves salaries and a specific pool of prize money.

    Gaming is considered more of a casual activity which is primarily for entertainment. Though esports is also entertainment, there is a lot of hard work and dedication that an esport athlete puts in to become a professional.

    An esports gamer practices and hones his skills for hours in-order to perfect his movements on the keyboard while simultaneously coordinating with team mates.

    In a typical esports game, a gamer clicks the mouse approximately 80-400 times and presses around 9 keys on the keyboard with his left hand 400 times in a minute. He is in an environment where his total responses are over 1,000 times a minute. The physical performance required from an esports athlete is not doable by any casual gamer. 
    Akshath Rathee, Managing Director, Nodwin Gaming

    Esports has gained recognition in international sporting events like the Asian Games as well where last year in September, India won bronze in esports.

    A 23-year old gamer from Gujarat, Tirth Mehta won the country’s first ever e-sports medal, though it wasn’t added to the countries medal tally and was moreover introduced on a trial basis.

    This form of sport could also be considered to be featured in the Olympics in times to come. It’s that serious!


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