Quantico Review: Big Reveal and Emotional Flashbacks in Episode 20

The wait to know the identity of the person behind ‘The Voice’ is finally over!

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A still from Episode 20. (Photo : YouTube Screengrab)

This week I shall be reviewing Quantico Episode 20 called – Drive. Now, although some of the episodes have driven us crazy, thanks to high drama and low IQ, we have largely stayed loyal to the series. The sole reason is to find out the identity of the terrorist who planned the attacks at Grand Central and FBI HQ in New York.

Now, this episode covers the whole spectrum – from the hardcore flirting that Alex and Ryan indulge in (in the flashback) to their full-throttle fight in the present day. Alex, as usual, is on the run, even as the FBI has put out an arrest warrant against her. It almost feels like the first episode all over again!

This newest instalment isn’t as jam-packed as the previous two, but it does boast of a major reveal. I think we finally know who ‘The Voice’ is. Or do we? Considering how Quantico writers like to change things midway and the fact that we have two more episodes to go before the season ends anything can happen! But this revelation is still big news.

Guilt, Betrayal and High Strung Drama in the Latest Edition

A still from Episode 20. (Photo : YouTube Screengrab)
A still from Episode 20. (Photo : YouTube Screengrab)

Moving on, flashbacks take us to Richmond where the NAT’s are preparing for their field day. Ryan Booth isn’t as guilty of neglecting his official duties as we were initially made to believe. He tells Alex how Liam was supposed to fill in for him at Chicago and never turned up. It’s amazing how Ryan still chose to not betray his friend Liam and opted for the punishment posting at Quantico.

Meanwhile, the Amin twins are in a mess of their own and while Nimah manages to somehow save the day, going by the blank look on her face we know the repercussions will be felt soon. And finally, Shelby gets to know that Caleb hid the truth about her parents.

A still from Episode 20. (Photo: YouTube Screengrab)
A still from Episode 20. (Photo: YouTube Screengrab)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Drew is ‘The Voice’. Really? After the massive build up, this one was definitely a let down. For one, he wasn’t even present for most part of the series and isn’t really a character we are that invested in. With two more episodes to go, the season finale can hold many surprises. My bet is that Drew is just a red herring but we have to wait.

Not watching Quantico is not an option, especially now when we are nearing the end of the season. Expect some major plot twists and answers to questions that have been plaguing us for a long time.

Don’t miss Episode 20 at any cost!

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