NickYanka’s Cute Message to Couples on Valentines Day
Nickyanka during their mehendi.
Nickyanka during their mehendi.(Photo courtesy: Instagram)

NickYanka’s Cute Message to Couples on Valentines Day

The newest and hottest celebrity couple on the block - actor Priyanka Chopra and singer-and-actor Nick Jonas, who tied the knot in one of the grandest weddings last year - spent their first Valentines Day as a married couple in London.

The couple posted a cute picture of themselves on Instagram with a message for all couples celebrating Valentines Day.

Speaking to Extra, Priyanka had earlier said that Nick and her were initially shooting in different countries on Valentines Day - with Priyanka working on a project in Los Angeles and Nick, in London. However, she decided to change her plans, so she could go be with him on the special occasion.

“I'm going to be in London, because Nick is going to be working in London, so I am going in for two days to hang out,” Priyanka told Extra.

“We’re not supposed to be together this Valentine’s Day because I was working in LA and he in London, but things moved so I am glad we can spend that time together... The pressure does not exist - he’s thoughtful and sweet all the time.”
Priyanka Chopra to Extra

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However, she had also stated that she didn’t believe in having one day to show someone how much they are loved, but added that “it’s always nice to hear it”.

The 36-year-old actress is awaiting the release of her next film - Isn't It Romantic? that is set to release in the US this week.

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