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Priyanka Chopra at her candid best on everything under the sun

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Priyanka Chopra started as a small town girl and has conquered the world today. She is as loved for her role of Kashi in Bajirao Mastani as for her sizzling presence in Quantico. This Miss World 2000 can sing, dance, write, debate and answer a rapid fire round of questions without blinking and without putting her foot in her mouth. Here’s A to Z with Priyanka Chopra.

Finished interviews in london.. Now dubai bound!!

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Awards or Box office?

I want critical acclaim but we don’t make movies to watch in our drawing rooms so I’ll opt for box-office and if the success guarantees me awards then it’s a cake walk!

Boyfriend or Brother?

I would pick my brother if there was a choice, ideally I like not to because he harasses and bullies me.

Conscience or Compromise?

Conscience, if I have conscience I will make all the right decisions.

Diva or Doormat?

Diva most certainly, most of us perceive Diva as high maintainance but for me she is somebody with style and substance, an achiever with high values and who will sustain her position amidst stiff competition.

Destiny or Effort?

I cannot control destiny but I have the option of hard work. If you ask me they go hand in hand.

Wanna SCREAAAM n SHOUT!!!! Mid nite madness.. Say wha @DabbooRatnani ?

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Egg or Chicken?

Egg, I hate chicken.

Forgive or Forget?

I think both, every action has pros and cons and my parents trained me to make informed decisions where I had the security that no matter what the repercussions, they will always be with me.

Flight or Train?

Flight, I hate trains.

Girls or Guys?

If this is a question of my sexuality then it has to be guys if not I have had amazing guy friends and this is because they treat me like one of them.

Health or Wealth?

Health, without health there is no point of wealth.

Hospital or Studio?

When I was young mom often carried me with her for night duties to hospital and the smell of medicines is ingrained in my psyche, I dislike it. On the contrary, I’m always happy when my car drives inside a studio, I love the smell of the greasepaint.

Isolation or Security?

Stardom is isolating but if you have your loved ones around you are able to get across the darkest times. Success is heady but you are secure if you can trust people around you.


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Identity or Adjustment?

Adjustment, you can have your identity and be extremely stubborn but the fact is that life is an adjustment at every step.

Jewels or Stocks-n-Shares?

Stocks & shares, I’m not a jewellery girl. I like diamond and solitaire but prefer safer investments to maintain my future.

Khans or Kapoor?

Have worked with both and will not let off either.

Leader or Follower?

Leader for sure.

Mobile or Spectacles?

Mobile for sure.

Needle or Antibiotic?

Antibiotic. Needle is always the last resort for an emergency, and so what if both my parents are doctors.

#Planes here I come #AviatorChic ....

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Outburst or Compose?

I think I stay calm most of the time, but sometimes I do let off my steam but that is only with people I’m very close to, and never in the presence of strangers or in public.

Passion or Marriage?


Quality or Quantity?


Relationships or Spirituality?

Relationships, if they are deep rooted are spiritual. When you are in a relationship you have a spiritual bond with somebody and that relationship becomes almost omnipresent in thought, word and action.

Sex or Poetry?

Poetry is my biggest turn on.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, I don’t like tea.

Umbrella or Rain?

Rain, dancing in the rain, walking in the rain, love watching rain...

Vidya Balan or Tabu?

That’s a tough one, both are incredible actors but Vidya is a friend so Balan.

Oh oh I'm late.. Sleepy.. Tired.. My perennial states of being.. Lets go! Studio calling #Exotic #selfies

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Woman or Winner?

I celebrate my gender and my success. I like winning. I’m a winner. I’m learning to lose too, even if I feel I didn’t deserve to.

Waheeda Rehman or Nutan?

This is an unfair choice but I will choose Waheeda Rehman, because she has been extremely kind to me whenever I have met her.

X’mas or New Year?

Both, because both spell music and celebrations.

Yoga or Yash Chopra?

Since I don’t exercise, it has to be Yashji.

Zig Zag, Straight or Zen?

I was going to say zig zag because nobody can be completely straight. But to get over your zig zag you need to be in a state of zen!

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