Dear India, I’m Never Going to leave You, Writes Reader Nikita

India, you had good leaders when you were born. Now you have political parties who’re busy accusing each other. 

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The Quint’s reader Nikita Mathur has raised many potent issues affecting India. From laws to intolerance. From a rise in pollution levels to netas. She believes all to be reasons that hamper the growth of our country. But no matter what the problem is, Nikita loves her India and will ensure the country’s children keep her safe and clean.

Dear India,
How long have you been a Republic? Long time. Eh! I miss the time when you were young and so was I. I remember being taught in school that India is one of the biggest democracies of the world. I guess, we all learnt that by heart and took the meaning of ‘Democracy’ to a new level all together. Everything is for US (We, The People).
You were much safer back then. Our neighbours turned into our relatives, we called them bhaiya, chacha, tuaji etc. But now, we don’t know who our neighbours are. They could be perverts, who are probably looking for an opportunity to abuse my daughter or me?

Few weeks back, thousands of people hit the streets on a cold, wintery December demanding justice for Nirbhaya, the very same spot where our Presidents and Prime Ministers pay tribute to our soldiers every year – India Gate. It was at that moment that I thought 'NOW I’ll get back my old, safe and strong India'. But all we got was a law named Nirbhaya. Unfortunately, the victims, the (in) justice given to them, the number of rape cases, the social out-casting of the victim remains the same. Nothing has changed.

India, you used to have a lot of leaders when you were born but now there are only political parties, who are busy accusing each other over petty issues rather than working for the welfare of the people who brought them to power.

You were much greener when I was a kid with so many parks and lakes. Now, I see tall buildings and malls all around me. Oh, and I have almost forgotten the taste of fresh vegetables. Now all I eat is frozen food.

I’ve gobbled up all the fertile land and water bodies only to build my "dream" home by bribing some babu.

Do you know why you feel suffocated, India? It’s because I have planted strong ACs, generators and factories all over you. And we all love to drive fancy cars and own more than two vehicles. No wonder you can't breathe.

But what I say to you within the four walls of my house, I dare not repeat outside in public or on social networking sites. What if someone were to drag me out of my home and make me (in) famous on the social networking sites? “Social” network you scare me.

BUT India, I’m never going to leave you. I might travel around the world but you are my home. My home sweet home.

I will teach my kids and others to keep you clean, to respect you and to love you.

With much love,

Nikita Mathur  

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