Breaking Views: What’s The Secret Behind Modi’s Landslide Victory?

Breaking Views: What’s The Secret Behind Modi’s Landslide Victory?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory in 2019 election is historic. It can be called a wave, a storm or a tsunami, but a single majority party coming back to power with increased vote share and number of seats is best described as historic – since no party in India has done this in the past.

No anti-incumbency factor worked in front of PM Modi, even though not all promises made during 2014 elections were fulfilled by his government. Even though voters in several parts the country had expressed their disappointment, he won the election again.

In order to understand how Modi managed this, we should understand the nature of Modi's work.

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His style of working is one of the biggest positives often projected by his followers. Even during the campaigns it was emphasised that Modi spent most of his time working.

It is usually heard that PM Modi remains in the campaign mode all the time. Even during the election campaign, Narendra Modi has attended 140-145 meetings, addressing more than 1.5 crore people. Apart from that using his programmes like the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and other means, he was always ‘connected’ to the voter.

Apart from this, the PM used the data to his advantage. His use of information combined with the experience from traveling to over 400 villages in the political career, Modi was able to strategies his campaign well.

In 2012, his ‘Gujarat model’ gave him the image of a man of development, which he used in his favour in 2014. Ahead of the 2019 elections too, he positioned himself well with his outreach programmes and rallies. He stayed relevant to the voter and in news as well. In short, his style of working was key in ensuring that he was won the 2019 election as well.

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