#GoodNews: In Bihar Village, Muslims Dedicate a Temple to Hindus

#GoodNews: In Bihar Village, Muslims Dedicate a Temple to Hindus

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The Muslim community of Budhpur village in Gaya, Bihar, has crowd-sourced money and built a temple for the Hindu community of the village. This step was taken by the Muslims as the Hindus in the area could not afford to build a temple and would pray to a stone with God’s name written on it.

There was a lack of it (a temple). Our Hindu brothers were having trouble to perform their rituals. So, we decided to get together and build a temple. This project would’ve been completed a year ago. Everything was smooth. Everyone in the area agreed.
Mohammad Azharuddin, Resident     

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The Muslim community not only donated approximately three lakhs for the establishment of the temple, one of its members also donated a plot of land, where the temple has been built.

The Muslim-dominated village, which is now setting an example of communal harmony for the nation, was once a refuge for Naxalites and Maoists.

There are some people who are taking the nation down a dark path, causing unrest, and disturbing the spirit of brotherhood and communal harmony. I hope this is a good example during bad times.
Mohammad Mokhtar, Resident

The residents told ANI that Hindus and Muslims in the area have always lived in harmony. They often take part in each other’s festivals.

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