Fake Name, Numbers Used: Discrepancies in Bihar’s COVID Test Data

If allegations of discrepancies in Bihar’s COVID test data are true, how was the government in oblivion?

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When coronavirus was rapidly spreading across the country, testing was being done at a very slow pace in Bihar.

Amid issues of low testing and vaccination, there are alleged discrepancies in Bihar's COVID-19 testing data.

In the testing report data at government hospitals, incorrect information about patients’ mobile numbers, addresses, and names was registered.

In August 2020, The Quint reported about discrepancies in COVID data. Many people 'tested positive' by just registering for tests. Eighteen family members of Jamal Athar Rumi had registered to get themselves tested for corona.

They were only registered, not tested. Yet, 5 out of the 18 people 'tested positive'.

How should we believe government data? How was the government unaware of this for so many days?

And so, the people in Bihar are asking – Janab, aise kaise?

The Indian Express’ Santosh Singh investigated COVID-19 testing data of 6 primary healthcare centres of Bihar’s Jamui, Sheikhpura, and Patna.

According to testing data on 16, 18, and 25 January, Jamui had 588 testing entries, out of which many were incorrect. Fake names and mobile numbers were used.

The Quint tells you how there was fraud in the name of coronavirus testing and what discrepancies were found and where.

Fake Name, Numbers Used: Discrepancies in Bihar’s COVID Test Data

(Photo: The Quint)

Fake Name, Numbers Used: Discrepancies in Bihar’s COVID Test Data

(Photo: The Quint)

Fake Name, Numbers Used: Discrepancies in Bihar’s COVID Test Data

(Photo: The Quint)

In Sikandra,16 mobile numbers that were registered were found to be incorrect.

In Barhat, one mobile number was used to register 26 people.

On 25 January, 83 people were tested for coronavirus out of which 46 people had 0000000000 as their mobile number. On the other hand, another PHC in Jamui tested 150 people on 16 January out of which, the record of 73 people showed 0000000000 as their mobile number.

"A total of 2,18,12,681 investigations have been done so far in Bihar", tweeted Mangal Pandey, the health minister of Bihar.

But how do we now trust the health minister's data? Is testing data manipulated to meet daily target? Who created the pressure to achieve the daily target and why?

During the pandemic, is this not a casual attitude towards the people of Bihar? Now, after the media alleged fraud, the government has ordered a probe.

The government continues to give statements like 'anyone found guilty will be penalised', and 'strict action will be taken'.

But this is not the first such incident. Why was the government not vigilant? Why did the government authorities fail to curb such fraudulent activities?

Will the government reveal the truth? If not, then Bihar will ask – Janab, aise kaise?

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