Geetika Tyagi Reacts to Aamir Working with Subhash Kapoor Again

Actor Geetika Tyagi is disappointed with Aamir Khan’s decision to work with #MeToo accused director Subhash Kapoor.

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Geetika Tyagi, who filed an FIR against director Subhash Kapoor in 2014, speaks to The Quint after Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao decided to work with director Subhash Kapoor again.

Geetika says she is disappointed that a man like Aamir Khan, who is a youth icon, went back on his decision to not work with #MeToo accused Subhash Kapoor.

“Aamir Khan is a leading star and a youth icon. He is very socially aware, talks sense and a thinking actor. If a person like him is supporting something like this then more and more people will start believing in it. So in a way it is a disappointment.”
Geetika Tyagi, Actor

In a statement, Aamir Khan backed his decision to work with Subhash Kapoor again on the basis that he believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty. He even said that he felt troubled that he had cost a person his livelihood. Geetika responds to Aamir’s statement saying she also lost her livelihood the moment she complained.

“He (Aamir Khan) thinks till a person is proven guilty he shouldn’t be treated that way but the same standards should be applied to the other person who has complained. And if his (Subhash Kapoor) livelihood is getting affected by this, that’s what he (Aamir Khan) thinks, then my livelihood got affected the moment I complained. I complained and I stopped getting work, because people think you are a troublemaker. People don’t want to take you on board. Industry should understand and industry should have same standards.”
Geetika Tyagi, Actor

Further in his statement Aamir talks about how he and Kiran met with women from the industry, from Heads of Departments to assistant directors to costume assistants, who had worked Kapoor. To which Geetika says,

“I found one thing very weird after reading Aamir Khan’s statement that they didn’t know anything about this case. They also talked about giving character certificate and they spoke to women but they never spoke to me.  Is knowing my side of the story not important when you are talking about my case?”
Geetika Tyagi, Actor

In February 2014, director Subhash Kapoor was arrested after actor Geetika Tyagi filed an FIR alleging that he had molested her. This was way before the #MeToo movement took over India. After the success of Jolly LLB and Jolly LLB 2 director Subhash Kapoor was supposed to direct Gulshan Kumar’s biopic Mogul which was being produced by Aamir Khan. But after Kapoor was found involved in a sexual harassment case last year, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao decided to distance themselves from the project.

Geetika Tyagi took to Twitter to thank Aamir for his move and support to the movement (#MeToo) last year when he decided to not work with Subhash Kapoor

“When this happened I had commended them. I tweeted about their decision but I never asked for it (to not work with Subhash Kapoor). I haven’t mentioned in any of my comments on Twitter or my statement that this person should not get any work.”
Geetika Tyagi, Actor

The Quint reached out to director Subhash Kapoor and Aamir Khan for their reactions to Geetika Tyagi’s claims but we have not received any response yet.

This copy will be updated as soon as and when we have their response.

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