Empower Independent Journalism, Support The Quint

Empower Independent Journalism, Support The Quint


If you follow The Quint, you will know, that in a single day, we are churning out a variety of content-rich stories. We are busting fake news, putting out reports from citizen journalists, publishing short docus and much more.

And this is aside from our regular stand-ups, wire copies, news packages, and stories on health and entertainment. Behind all this content that you see on our website lies a lot of effort — studio shoots, field reporting and endless hours on the edit table.

After several rounds of reviews and re-edits, a story makes its way to our website. We follow a resource-intensive process. And it comes at a cost. This is why we need you.

The Quint is launching a support programme for some of our special initiatives.

These projects are video-first and resource-intensive.

WEBQOOF | Fact-checking takes a lot of time and outreach so that we can deliver only the truth. We partner with our readers in spotting fake news and strengthen our fight against misinformation.

MY REPORT | A citizen journalism network across the country is actively bringing local stories to the mainstream discussion at The Quint. These stories can bring a change to society.

SPECIAL PROJECTS | These deep-dive journalistic projects are resource-intensive with long gestation periods, larger crews and costs of stay and travel. There are times when journalists put their lives to risk to get these untold stories out to the world.

Your support ensures our editorial independence and encourages us to continue in our endeavour to speak the truth to power. Here’s your chance to contribute to the conversations and share your ideas. As contributors, readers can suggest stories we should feature in our special projects, suspicious news we should verify and share citizen stories for My Report.

Your contribution will go on to support and empower independent journalism. Support The Quint's initiatives. It will only take a minute. Thank You!

Creative Producer & Video Editor: Kunal Mehra
Producer: Vatsala Singh
Camera: Abhishek Ranjan and Nitin Chopra

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