Truecaller Launches Privacy-Laden ‘Group Chat’ To Rival WhatsApp
Have you updated the Truecaller app on Android?
Have you updated the Truecaller app on Android?(Photo: The Quint)

Truecaller Launches Privacy-Laden ‘Group Chat’ To Rival WhatsApp

Truecaller, the caller ID platform, has added a ‘Group Chat’ feature for Android and iOS users. This feature, the company claims has been designed with privacy as the core focus, and trying to ensure that fake messages aren’t circulated through the platform.

This will be possible as other members of the group will be able to see the Truecaller profiles of everyone joining the group. Truecaller mentioned that only users with instant messaging app can be added to Group Chats. The feature is being rolled out on the existing app via an update which will be hitting the users in the coming days.

To use the Group Chat feature, go to the Message section on the main Truecaller app, and tap on ‘Create Group Chat’ and name the group to get going.

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Truecaller highlighted a slew of options which have been designed to keep the messages private within the group, and something that doesn’t leave the device and sent to any third-party server.

Users can either join or reject the invite to join the group. And in the invited state, the invited person will not be able to see any messages in the group, nor can they access the list of participants unless they join.

How to create Group chat on the app.
How to create Group chat on the app.
(Photo: Truecaller blog post)
“History is fetched only when you press the join button on the invitation screen and it is only available for Groups, not for 1 to 1 conversation.”
Truecaller blog post

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But the most important concern will be about the phone numbers available to the other people on the group. To prevent this, Truecaller points out that “phone numbers that you have stored in your contacts/phonebook will be visible in the group chat and due to privacy reasons, other’s phone number will have to be requested through the contact request function.”

Group chat feature is already available with WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging apps. So it remains to be seen if Truecaller manages to pick up from either of these platforms to build its base.

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