Review: The Audi S5 Is a Powerhouse With a Practical Side

The Audi A5 is a sedan that offers you a sporty drive along with luxury.

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Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: <a href="">Motorscribes</a>)

The Audi S5 is a definite attention grabber. The model delivered to me for review came finished in an immaculate yellow and I honestly spent a few minutes just staring at it. It is a gorgeous machine that looks like it’s ready for some real tarmac scorching action!

Crafted to a fine detail, the S5 is based on the A5 sedan (which incidentally isn’t sold in India), however the ‘S’ badging is a clear indication that this is a sportier version that boasts of an S-Tronic transmission, a more powerful engine and Audi’s legendary quattro system.

The Looks

The Audi S5 sits low, has a sleek swept-back roofline that drops down to a notch at the rear thus making the car a look as though it is cutting through air. This aggressive stance is an indicator of car’s sporty character and this is further accentuated by its clean lines.

The entire visual package is further enhanced by the awesome headlights, epic looking taillights and the large 18 inch alloys shod with 245/40 R18 rubber. This is a car that people can’t but help stare at and as I drove it around town there must have been a million eyes watching me.

Headlight on the Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)
Headlight on the Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)

Talk about a complete ego boost — and that yellow paint job really adds to the drama! Slide inside the car and you are greeted by a luxurious interior. All the materials feel rich to the touch, the surfaces have a quality appeal and the layout of the centre console and instrument cluster have that familiar Audi aura.

The interior controls available on the Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)
The interior controls available on the Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)

Neat touches include a flat-bottom steering wheel, paddle shifts and Audi’s MMI system. Basically you get the whole nine yards — a high end infotainment system, navigation, USB/AUX player, connectivity and the ability to choose from various drive settings that suit your preference.

The Drive

While ‘Dynamic’ mode is a hoot, the car performs equally well in ‘Comfort’ mode which is ideal for city driving. And the plush seating has been ergonomically designed to offer support exactly where you need it. This is a car that has been conceived to offer you the best of both worlds — a sporty drive experience and the ability to travel in luxury.

While the package is all there, the real gem lies under the hood! Powering the Audi S5 is a 3-litre V6 petrol engine that is capable of delivering 330 bhp and 440 Nm of torque. It is mated to a 7-speed S-Tronic gearbox and power is driven to all four wheels through the quattro system.

Audi A5 on the slick roads of Pune. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)
Audi A5 on the slick roads of Pune. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)

Audi has limited the top speed to 250 km/h, however the S5 is capable of going from standstill to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds. If what you want is an adrenaline rush, then the S5 is more than capable to deliver that by the truckload.

The surge of power pushes you back in your seat, and as the sound of that motor fills your ears and you notice the needle on the speedometer racing to three digit speeds in a matter of a few blurry seconds, you can’t but help feel like you are on top of the world. What an engine!

The 3-litre V6 engine powering the Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)
The 3-litre V6 engine powering the Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)

The sports gearbox does its magic of keeping you in the powerband and thus allowing you to get the maximum out of the engine in each gear. The electro-wizardry on board ensures that you have total control at all times.

The car feels like it has been planted to the ground and the steering input is precise. While the S5 is a big car, it feels lithe and is quick to respond to changes in direction.

The drive dynamics are spot on and are also aided by a whole bunch of electronics so as to ensure your safety — including ABS, EBD and ESC.


To sum it up, the Audi S5 is a dream to drive and while it does deliver the much needed kick, it also shows its practical side when it cruises around town at a gentle speed.

Should you feel the need to head out on a long drive, you can pack in a ton of luggage in the spacious boot along with four adults travelling in comfort. It holds up well on our roads and while it does sit a little low, the ground clearance is actually quite decent.

Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)
Audi A5. (Photo Courtesy: Motorscribes)

Basically, you can’t go wrong with a car such as this and the best part is that it is not exorbitantly priced either, and boy does it look good in yellow!

(Vikram Gour is one of India’s renowned automotive journalists and the Co-Founder of MotorScribes. He can be reached on Twitter: @VikramGour)

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