Here’s Why Car Makers Think Out of the Box for India 

See what German engineering does for India!

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India is a challenge for most automobile makers Photo: iStock

Designing a car that stands the test of Indian roads and other conditions has been a challenge for almost every carmaker in the world. When it comes to being relevant, the game is constantly changing for car developers in how to appeal to the future car owner.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C -that’s how you plan your life. Who hasn’t faced traffic woes? People sit out and discuss the traffic like they discuss the weather. Both of which are unpredictable in our country.

You know what they say when life hands you lemons, go ahead, sit back and enjoy some lemonade. Life will throw you a challenge almost every day and the first step towards negotiating traffic is getting yourself a reliable car.

Sudden thunderstorms, hails stones and soaring heat in one day! Imagine what that must be doing to your car engine.

Is this you in traffic?
Is this you in traffic?

A great infotainment system in the car is a great incentive to just chill and have a good time with your friends when you hit the road. Listening to your favourite Bollywood hits or even tuning into that funny RJ takes the miles off the minutes. Next time you’re stuck in a killer jam, get your groove on and pump up the volume. How about a cool gloved box to make sure those drinks stay chilled when the world outside is slowly melting?

A car is so much more than something that takes you from point A to B. It’s all about the driving experience. Who says you can’t have it all? Boot space, leg room, soothing interiors make for a great ride. And guess what you don’t have to think small just because road conditions aren’t the best.

Get your groove back
Get your groove back

You know what they say, prevention is better than a cure. Invest in a car that has Dual front airbags and Anti-Lock Braking System. That way you and your loved ones can sit back and enjoy the ride without having to worry about unforeseen dangers.

And when it comes to parking, Indian drivers are a league apart. If your car doesn’t come with a reverse parking camera you’re probably relying on someone else to squeeze you into those tight spots. Only in India will you have a total stranger stopping by to help you park your car!

The language all Indian drivers understand!
The language all Indian drivers understand!

Raise your hands if you’ve left your windows open or your headlights on. Dealing with that is thoughtful indeed. A car that comes with a remote controlled windows sounds like a dream right? Well it isn’t.

Try water logging, non-functioning traffic lights, low visibility and having to change wiper speed in the middle of this madness. Ladies and gents heard of Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers? You’ll be thanking yourself later when in the middle of the craziness, you won’t have to operate your wipers manually.

Crazy weather needs to be matched with a sturdy car
Crazy weather needs to be matched with a sturdy car

The all new Volkswagen Ameo is car that is in tune with the needs of the Indian driver. It comes with a great infotainment system so you won’t have to get bored during those long traffic snarls. A cool gloved box makes sure you always have a cooled drink in your hand. Remember changing wiper speeds in the middle of negotiating crazy traffic? Relax the Ameo has cool wipers that automatically change speed with the intensity of rain! Dual air bags make sure you stay safe no matter what and the Anti-Lock Braking System makes sure you take those weekend trips to the hills even when it’s raining cats and dogs. Want to find out more about the Ameo? Click here to witness Volkswagen Ameo, German engineering made for India.

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