Exclusive First Ride: Twenty Two Motors Flow Electric Scooter

Exclusive First Ride: Twenty Two Motors Flow Electric Scooter

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The future is electric and many startups are jumping into this space. It’s a level playing field almost – be it a big brand or a startup. One such startup is Twenty Two Motors, founded in 2016, which is launching its first product, the Flow electric scooter, at Auto Expo 2018.

The Flow electric scooter was unveiled a couple of months ago. It is an interesting product, because it promises to deliver a lot more than what the current set of electric scooters have been doing in the market.

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For starters it runs on a more powerful 2.1 kilowatt electric motor and churns out 90 Nm of torque. To put it in perspective, a Honda Activa 110 puts out just 9 Nm of torque. Also the Flow weighs just 85 Kg, giving it an incredible torque-to-weight ratio. It has a top speed of about 65 Kmph.

Now, for this exclusive test ride, we visited the company’s temporary office premises in Manesar, which had a small test track on the terrace of the building. Since this was a prototype, we could not subject it to extensive riding. However, we did manage to do a few laps with it and a few more with a chassis only prototype (minus the body).

(Photo: The Quint)

This got us a good feel of the vehicle. It comes with a mobile app that shows charge status, can GPS track the scooter and provide information on travel range.

The Flow has a 32 AH lithium-ion battery pack, which, according to co-founder Parveen Kharb, has the same cells in it that a Tesla electric car uses. The battery packs are swappable and take 5 hours for a full charge. It has a range of 80 Km under ideal conditions on a single charge. It can also carry two packs in it, effectively doubling the range of the scooter.

Watch the video for more on how the Flow electric scooter fared.

Cameraperson: Abhay Sharma
Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia

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