Hardik Patel’s Alleged Sex Tape Rocks Patidar Movement in Gujarat
File photo of Hardik Patel
File photo of Hardik Patel(Photo: PTI)

Hardik Patel’s Alleged Sex Tape Rocks Patidar Movement in Gujarat

The 24-year-old leader of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti, Hardik Patel, woke up on 13 November to news that a video, purportedly showing him having sex, had gone viral.

The Quint could not independently verify the authenticity of the video, which comes ahead of the keenly contested Gujarat Assembly polls. The origin of the video is unclear.

The Patidar leader accused BJP president Amit Shah of “masterminding” the plan and releasing the CD.

While speaking to the media in Gandhinagar on 13 November, Hardik said: “I will have a family and children too one day. The BJP has begun the election campaign with dirty politics.”

He tweeted: “dirty politics has started. I do not care if my name gets maligned but the image of Gujarati women is getting tarnished.”

His aide Jignesh Mevani, also tweeted in solidarity, stating that nobody had the right to breach his privacy.

Ultimatum for Hardik

Interestingly, Hardik had claimed a few days ago that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) could try to defame him with a sex tape in order to weaken the PAAS movement.

Late on 13 November, PAAS leader Ashwin Patel called for a press conference in Ahmedabad where he gave Hardik a four-day ultimatum to prove his innocence.

When Hardik was in Delhi in 2015, he visited Mussoorie with a female friend. I have proof of the same, including calls and hotel records.
Ashwin Patel

Ashwin claimed that he has proof that PAAS leaders across the state have engaged in sexual misdemeanors. He claims to have an audio recording of a Patidar woman who was well-known in the inner circles of the PAAS movement. She has named prominent members of the group alleging them of sexual harassment, he said.

“Hardik has four days to prove his innocence and during this time he can take legal recourse as well. However, after four days if Hardik does not prove his innocence, I will release the evidence I have collected against other PAAS leaders who have been accused of sexual misdemeanor,” he added.

The Patidar community should not have such leaders who abuse powers to satiate their perversions.
Ashwin Patel

In 2015, a video – allegedly showed Hardik with a woman right after he had launched a massive rally in Ahmedabad demanding reservation for Patels – went viral.

(This story has been updated.)

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