Flying High: Why You Should Take Charge of Your Finances
Flying High: Why You Should Take Charge of Your Finances 

Flying High: Why You Should Take Charge of Your Finances

Meri Pyaari Saheliyan is an audio podcast series, powered by Franklin Templeton, India, in which women from different walks of life speak about their experiences in the real world, barriers they’ve faced and the journey they embarked on to overcome them as well as the role that money has played in their lives. In the first episode of this series, Sangeeta, who always dreamt of flying high, shares her unique and gripping story. Listen to her story here.

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Today, Sangeeta is a senior captain with an airline company and has been flying for over 25 years. However, getting here wasn’t easy. She grew up in a conservative family in Kolkata, and apart from her parents, who always supported her, few members of her family focused on women becoming financially independent and having a career of their own. Surprisingly, her grandmother encouraged her to follow her dreams. How did Sangeeta build a thriving career as a pilot? What’s the one regret she has about managing her finances? What can every woman learn from Sangeeta’s experiences? To know all this and more, listen to Sangeeta’s inspiring story.

(Disclaimer: Meri Pyaari Saheliyan is an Investor Education and Awareness Initiative by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.)

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