London Attack: 75-Yr-Old Succumbs to Wounds, Death Toll Rises to 5
A dozen people were injured after an attack on the UK Parliament. (Photo: AP)
A dozen people were injured after an attack on the UK Parliament. (Photo: AP)

London Attack: 75-Yr-Old Succumbs to Wounds, Death Toll Rises to 5


Death Toll Rises to Five

The death toll from Wednesday’s attack on the heart of Britain's democracy grew to five as police said one of the injured, a 75-year-man, had died in hospital after his life support was withdrawn. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan condoled the death on Twitter.

Attacker Identified as Khalid Masood

The UK Parliament attacker has been identified as Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old Briton with criminal convictions.

Identities of the Three Victims Revealed

The three people killed in the London terror attack were a 43-year-old teacher, a veteran police man and an American tourist.

Keith Palmer, 48, was the unarmed police officer outside the parliament when he has stabbed to death by the attacker. Kurt Cochran, who was visiting London from Utah with his wife, was identified as the second victim. Aysha Frade, a teacher with family in Spain, was identified as the third victim.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack

ISIS on Thursday claimed responsibility for the London attack.

Queen Elizabeth's Visit to New Scotland Yard Cancelled

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s visit to the New Scotland Yard was cancelled following the attack.

Attacker Was British-Born: Theresa May

The man who launched Wednesday's attack at the parliament was born in Britain and known to the intelligence services, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday.

“What I can confirm is that the man was British-born and that some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism,” she told lawmakers.

“He was a peripheral figure,” she added. “The case is historic, he was not part of the current intelligence picture.”

She said there had been no prior intelligence of his intent nor of the plot.

Revised Death Toll Indicates 4 Were Killed, Including Attacker

British police said they believe the attacker who killed three people including a police officer outside Parliament acted alone and was “inspired by international terrorism.”

Metropolitan Police counterterrorism chief Mark Rowley said that police have raided six addresses and arrested seven people in connection with Wednesday's attack by a knife-wielding man who also mowed down pedestrians with an SUV. Rowley refused to identify the attacker.

He revised the death toll down to four, including the attacker, a police officer guarding Parliament and two civilians. He said that 29 people required hospitalisation and seven of them are in critical condition.

7 Arrested in Connection with Parliament Attack

British authorities have arrested seven people in connection with the London parliament attacks, reports AFP.

India Stands by UK, Says Pranab Mukherjee

President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday took to Twitter to express his condolences after the London attack.

Police Makes Several Arrests After Birmingham Raid

British police made several arrests in a raid on a house in Birmimgham as part of an investigation into Wednesday's attack on parliament, Sky News television channel quoted unidentified sources as saying on Thursday.

New York Security Tightened in the Aftermath of London Attack

New York police ramped up security at British sites across the city on Wednesday after an assailant fatally stabbed a policeman outside Britain's parliament and was then shot and killed by police.

Heavily armed officers and explosives-detecting dogs were deployed to locations including the British Consulate and the British Mission to the United Nations in Manhattan.

Outside the British Consulate, officers stood guard wearing helmets and tactical vests and carrying semi-automatic rifles. Several police cars were parked nearby, their lights flashing.

Police long-gun teams were also deployed to New York's City Hall and Grand Central Station, the department said.

Hardliner Abu Izzadeen Not the Attacker

Initially, Channel 4’s senior correspondent Simon Israel confirmed the attacker to be hardliner Abu Izzadeen formerly known as Trevor Brooks.

But Izzadeen’s brother and lawyer confirmed that Izzadeen was serving his prison sentence over an unrelated matter.

Izzadeen had converted to Islam at age 17. In 2016, he was sent to prison for two years for breaching the Terrorism Act by leaving the UK illegally.

Eiffel Turns Dark

Eiffel Tower goes dark in a mark of respect to those who lost their lives at the London terror attack.

Deeply Saddened by the Terror Attack in London: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences after the London terror attack. He said India stands with UK in its fight against terrorism.

UK Won't Change Terror Threat Level After Attack: Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the attack as a "sick and depraved terrorist attack."

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, she said attempts to defeat British values of democracy and freedom through terrorism would fail.

The location of this attack was no accident. The values our parliament represents - democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law - command the admiration and respect of free people everywhere.That is why it is a target for those who reject those values.

"Tomorrow morning, Parliament will meet as normal," she said.

She said Londoners and visitors "will all move forward together, never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart."

Londoners Will Never be Cowed by Terrorism: Mayor

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, addressed Londoners in a video posted on Twitter and reassured that London is safe for both the residents and tourists.

UK PM May's Thoughts Are With Killed, Injured in "Appalling Incident"

Theresa May's thoughts are with those killed and injured in an attack close to parliament and the British prime minister is being kept updated with developments, her office said on Wednesday.

"The thoughts of the PM and the government are with those killed and injured in this appalling incident, and with their families," her office said in a statement.

"The PM is being kept updated and will shortly chair COBR," the statement said, referring to a meeting of the government's emergency security committee to be held later on Wednesday.

No Indian Casualty Reported: Sushma Swaraj

Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, tweeted hours after the attack and said that she was in touch with the Indian High Commission in London.

Trumps Speaks With May After Attack

US President Donald Trump and British PM Theresa May talked over the phone after the London attack, White House informed on Wednesday.

He offered British Prime Minister Theresa May the full cooperation and support of the United States in responding to an attack close to the British Parliament, the White House said in a statement.

Police Officer Dead, Death Now Rises to 5

Police officer identified as 48-year Keith Palmer was stabbed by the unknown assailant inside the parliament in line of duty. The officer who served for 15 long years succumbed to his injuries, reports said.

The number of killed in the attack has now risen to five including the cop and the attacker.

Ministry of External Affairs of India Expresses Grief

The ministry of external affairs of India took to Twitter to condemn the attack.

Woman Pulled Out Alive from River Thames

A woman was pulled out alive from River Thames after the attack and has serious injuries, the Port of London Authority said.

Emergency Security Committee Meeting Convened

British Prime Minister Theresa May will convene emergency security committee meeting, said a spokesperson.

Police Investigation Underway

The attack has been declared a terrorist incident and a full “counterterrorism investigation” is underway, police officers said. “We know there are a number of casualties, including police officers, but at this stage we cannot confirm numbers or the nature of these injuries,” Metropolitan police commander, BJ Harrington said.

The Mayor of London also tweeted about the investigation.

Two Killed in the Attack

Two people have been killed, while several others have endured “catastrophic” injuries in the attack, Reuters reported.

Westminster Tube Station Shut After Attack

The Westminster Tube station has been closed after the shooting incident.

Police Treating it as a "Terror Attack"

The Westminster police is treating the UK attack as a “terrorist act, unless known otherwise.”

Prime Minister Theresa May is Safe

British Prime Minister Theresa May is safe after an assailant was shot outside parliament by armed police on Wednesday, a spokesman for her office said.

The spokesman declined to say where May was when the attack took place.


  • Five people have been killed, including one police official and the attacker, while 40 were injured
  • The attacker has been identified as 52-year-old Briton Khalid Masood
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack
  • Seven people have been arrested in connection with the attack in raids on six different addresses
  • A knife-wielding man charged at police officers outside the Parliament in London before he was shot by the police on Wednesday
  • The assailant mowed down several people on Westminster Bridge before the car crashed into a roadside railing

Eyewitnesses Narrating Sequence of Events Outside UK Parliament

George Eaton, political editor at New Statesman, was present at the Parliament and posted a sequence of events.

  • From the window of the parliamentary Press Gallery, Eaton saw police shoot a man who charged at officers while carrying what appeared to be a knife.
  • The assailant then entered the parliamentary estate.
  • He was then swiftly shot by the armed police.

Quentin Letts, the Daily Mail’s parliamentary sketchwriter, also narrated what he witnessed:

“I saw a thick-set man in black clothes come through the gates into New Palace Yard, just below Big Ben. He had something in his hand, it looked like a stick of some sort, and he was challenged by a couple of policemen in yellow jackets. And one of the yellow-jacketed policemen fell down and we could see the man in black moving his arm in a way that suggested he was stabbing or striking the yellow-jacketed policeman. The other officer ran to get help and the man in black ran about 15 yards towards the entrance. As this attacker was running towards the entrance, two plain-clothed guys with guns shouted at him what sounded like a warning, he ignored it and they shot two or three times and he fell,” he told BBC.

Police Officer Injured Inside Parliament

A police officer was reportedly stabbed inside the parliament. Paramedics have arrived at the spot.

Alleged Assailant Shot by Police: UK Minister

An alleged assailant was shot dead by the police outside the UK parliament, a UK minister said.

Eyewitnesses Post Accounts From Outside Parliament

Immediately after loud shots were heard outside the UK parliament, several took to Twitter to post videos from the spot.

Another person tweeted saying that an air ambulance had landed at Parliament Square and a dozen police cars are at the spot now.

Car Mows Down 5 People

A car on Westminster Bridge has reportedly mowed down at least 5 people.

House of Commons Suspended

The UK House of Commons sitting has been suspended as witnesses report sounds like gunfire outside.

Armed police officers were seen running to exit from UK parliament after the loud bangs were heard.

Wednesday also marks the one year anniversary of the Brussels bombings.

Loud Bangs Heard Outside UK Parliament, Two Shot

Loud shots were heard outside the UK parliament late on Wednesday evening. The building has been locked down.

Two people were shot and at least a dozen people have been injured on Westminster Bridge near UK parliament, Reuters reported.

There was a “loud noise that sounded like a car crash, followed by screams, followed by a handful of people rushing,” Gordon Rayner posted on Twitter.

(With inputs from Reuters and AP.)

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