Going to Win This: Biden Addresses in Delaware As He Leads WH Race

Joe Biden is on the cusp of winning the US presidency as he opened or extended leads in critical battlegrounds.

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“My fellow Americans, we don't have a final declaration of victory yet, but the numbers tell us it's clear. Tell us a clear and convincing story. We are going to win this race," asserted US Presidential candidate Joe Biden, as he inched closer to occupying the White House for the next four years.

Speaking at Delaware, Biden said said that while the final declaration of victory has not been made, numbers indicate that it is imminent.

“We are going to win this race. Just look at what has happened since yesterday. Twenty four hours we were behind in Georgia, now we’re ahead, and we are going to win that state. Twenty four hours ago we were behind in Pennsylvania, and we are going to win Pennsylvania. We’re on track for over 300 electoral votes, electoral college votes. And look at the national numbers. We’re going to win this race with a clear majority, with the nation behind us.”
Joe Biden

Advantage Biden, Leading in Georgia and Pennyslvania

Biden is on the cusp of winning the presidency on Friday as he opened or extended leads over Trump in critical battlegrounds of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona. A Pennsylvania win alone will push him over the top of the 270-electoral vote target.

"We both know tensions are high," Biden said. "They can be high after a tough election. One like we’ve had. But we need to remember, we have to remain calm. Patient. Let the process work out as we count all the votes."

Biden said on Friday night that while he’s waiting for the final election results, he is “not waiting to get the work done” on important issues facing the country, referring specially to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Yesterday, Senator Harris and I held meetings with groups of experts on public health and the economic crisis this country is facing," Biden said. "The pandemic, as you also know, is getting more worrisome all across the country. Cases are skyrocketing. It’s believed we could see as many as 200,000 cases a day, and the death toll is approaching 240,000 lives lost. 240,000 empty chairs across America."

At this time, the mood in the campaign is said to be one of "joy" and "relief" after an "emotional roller coaster" of a long and bruising election campaign season amid an ongoing pandemic.

Champagne bottles are being popped but the public posture remains muted yet confident.

A campaign staffer told NBC that the final call on the election result (in Biden's favour) is "only an eventuality" and "imminent".

(With inputs from IANS.)

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