Woman Who Bested Her Facebook Harasser Has Her Post Removed
Prerna Pratham Singh (Photo Courtesy: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Prernapratham">Facebook/Prerna Pratham Singh</a>)
Prerna Pratham Singh (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Prerna Pratham Singh)

Woman Who Bested Her Facebook Harasser Has Her Post Removed

Prerna Pratham Singh, the spunky woman who exposed her Facebook harasser to social media scrutiny, now has a new kind of oppression to deal with.

The snapshot of the offending chat has been removed by Facebook on grounds of “Nudity Content”. Prerna also took to the social media platform to declare that she herself had been “logged out” of all her account sources. This is what the DU alumna wrote:

Prerna, however, remains adamant posting the snapshot of the sleazy messages again, and also urges her other Facebook supporters to do the same.

An hour after Facebook enabled access to her account, Prerna put out a post on the site, claiming that an FIR has been filed with the Delhi Police against online harassment.

(Photo Courtesy: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Prernapratham">Facebook/Prerna Pratham Singh</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Prerna Pratham Singh)

How the Harassment had Unfolded

When Prerna Pratham Singh opened her Facebook ‘Others’ folder one day, this is what she saw:

Hardly groundbreaking stuff this.

If you’re an Indian woman with a Facebook account in this day and age, chances are you too have an ‘Others’ folder filled with grime you don’t want to see. The general response is to ignore and shut shop.

Her response?

What Prerna Pratham chose to do has won her accolades across Facebook: she took a screenshot of her chat with the harasser and posted it. Icing on the cake? She also left a sarcastic message on the top!

Here is a snapshot of the entire conversation that she has posted on Facebook:

Overwhelming Support for Prerna

Prerna’s spunk has won her an avalanche of support on social media platforms. While some (mostly women) relate to her and congratulate her on taking the bold first step, accolades poured in irrespective of gender.

Prerna found a supporter in Dr. Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner of Traffic Police Delhi, who openly urged her to file an FIR against Kumar in his Facebook comment.

Prerna Pratham Singh’s fiesty move seems to have felled a sleeping monster. Perhaps it will encourage stricter action from the police on web harasssment in the future.

One can only hope.

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