Chinese Air Force’s Presence has Increased in Tibet: BS Dhanoa
Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa.
Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa.(Photo: PTI)

Chinese Air Force’s Presence has Increased in Tibet: BS Dhanoa

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares to land in China’s Wuhan for an ‘informal meeting’ with President Xi Jinping, India’s Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said that there was a ‘significant increase’ in the presence of Chinese air force in the Tibet Autonomous Region, as compared to other military regions.

Speaking at the Vivekananda International Foundation, Dhanoa said:

For China, the geography works against them, especially in the Tibetan autonomous region. Over the past few years, we have seen significant increase in deployment of aircraft and air crew in Tibetan autonomous region.

The Chinese deployment reportedly includes Sukhoi-27 and J-10 fighter aircraft fleets.

According to an Economic Times report, this deployment is a significant development as this means Chinese activity in the forward air fields will no longer be limited to summers alone. However, with the deployment of the Sukhoi-27 and J-10 fighter jets, the Chinese forces have equipped themselves with a ‘year-round capability’, observed ET, quoting Dhanoa.

The report also stated that Dhanoa warned that India would now have to plan accordingly as it could “mean a change in stance overnight.”

On Kashmir, the Air Chief Marshal said that Pakistan would keep the region ‘boiling’ by attacking the military.

Pakistan will keep the Kashmir part boiling. It will continue to attack the military. Any such attack may have unintended consequences which may result in an escalation.

Dhanoa also highlighted the growing prowess of the Indian Air Force by referring to the recently-concluded Gagan Shakti practices. Stating that the practices were aimed at exercising available resources, Dhanoa said that the Air Force had ‘walked the mile’ through Gagan Shakti.

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