‘I am Helpless and Worried About Safety’: Mehul Choksi to CBI
File photo of Mehul Choksi.
File photo of Mehul Choksi.(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/@Brand Capital)

‘I am Helpless and Worried About Safety’: Mehul Choksi to CBI

Responding to Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) summons Nirav Modi’s uncle and an accused in the Punjab National Bank fraud Mehul Choksi said that he was “helpless and information-less” on the ongoing investigation. He pointed that the issues raised by him earlier remained unanswered making his “fear of safety rise to extreme levels”.

In his letter dated 16 March, he also wrote that the media “continued” a trial by itself and blew every issue “out of proportion”.

I reiterate that I am abroad and have earlier also responded to your notices. Surprisingly, the issues raised remain unaddressed, making my fear of safety rise to extreme levels. Media continues to conduct a trial by itself and blow every issue out of proportion.
Mehul Choksi in a letter to CBI

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He claimed that the Regional Passport Office had not communicated with him and that his passport remained suspended. He further claimed that he was “not making an excuse to travel to India”.

Choksi said that “unfair” actions were taken by multiple agencies, leaving him “helpless, information-less and completely defenceless”.

I further inform that requiring me to join investigation, though leaving me helpless and information less, by various actions taken by multiple agencies is unfair. The manner in which the allegations have been exaggerated has left me completely defenseless.
Mehul Choksi in a letter to CBI

He wrote that he and his family were being threatened by individuals with whom he shared business relationships.

The threat to me and my family continues, and I am still being threatened by individuals with whom I had business relationships. As there has been a complete and sudden closure of my business, my employees, customers, creditors etc have started to show their animosity towards me.

Choksi wrote that he was “extremely held up” in his business abroad and that he was “unable” to travel to India due to his persisting health condition.

I am extremely held up in my business abroad and am working hard to resolve the issues it is facing due to the unnecessary closure of business in India due to untenable allegations. Further I am unable to travel to India due to my persisting health condition.
Mehul Choksi in a letter to CBI

Earlier on 8 March, Choksi wrote a seven-page letter refusing to appear before the agency on the grounds of “persisting health problems.” Choksi wrote the letter as a reply to a summon served to him by the CBI to appear before it on 7 March.

He said he had “a cardiac procedure which was conducted in the first week of February 2018,” adding that he was not allowed to travel.

Choksi didn’t disclose his location in the letter, and instead requested the CBI to communicate with him via email or through his lawyer in India.

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