Indian Man Falls 40 Mtrs to Death While Taking Selfie in Australia
The Gap, Albany, where the accident took place.
The Gap, Albany, where the accident took place.(Photo courtesy:

Indian Man Falls 40 Mtrs to Death While Taking Selfie in Australia

In a tragic incident, a 20-year-old Indian student has died after falling off a cliff into the ocean from a popular tourist attraction in Western Australia while trying to take a selfie, media reports said.

Ankit was with friends when he slipped off the 40-metre precipice at The Gap, near the historic port town of Albany, the ABC News reported.

He had been running and jumping on the rocks before he slipped and plunged into the ocean while taking a photo with friends on Thursday, 17 May, the report said.

His body was recovered from the water just over an hour later following a search involving a rescue helicopter.

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"He was just very careful, just to take a picture and he just slipped down there, on the hill," his friend was quoted as saying by the report.

Police are still trying to contact the student's parents.

"A young male has gone into the water, and sadly lost their life. This is such a tragic event," said Dominic Wood, Great Southern District superintendent.

All I know at this stage is that there is a small group, we think of about five young adults, they were down here within the vicinity of the platform behind me around the rocks...It is a dangerous area but if you take precautions and stay between the bounds, then these things won’t happen.
Dominic Wood 

The site was briefly closed two years ago to add a viewing platform, railings and warning signs near the edge.

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