Father of Alleged Lynching Victim Kills Self Over Police Probe
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Father of Alleged Lynching Victim Kills Self Over Police Probe

The father of a 28-year-old man, who was allegedly lynched in Rajasthan's Alwar last month, killed himself on Thursday, 15 August, disappointed with the police probe into his son's case, Hindustan Times reported.

The father Rati Ram Jatav consumed pesticide and was brought dead at Alwar hospital.

Jatav’s son, Harish was assaulted by locals on 16 July, after he accidentally hit an elderly woman with his motorcycle and died two days later in Delhi, Hindustan Times reported.

While a case of accident was registered by the Chopanki police, Harish's family had demanded a case of murder against the people who attacked him.

Meanwhile, the family of the woman injured in the accident had also registered an FIR against Harish for rash driving.

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‘Received Threats From the Accused’s Kin’

The father, who was blind, was upset with the police inaction into the investigation and refrained from talking to anyone in the family as a result for the past two days, Harish's brother Dinesh said, according to Hindustan Times.

Dinesh alleged that his father also received threats from Zalimuddin, the father of the accused to withdraw his complaint.

Further, Dinesh alleged that the police abused his father when he visited the police station to inquire about the progress in the case.

However, the police denied the allegations and a case was registered and investigation is underway.

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‘Harish Died Due to the Accident’

Alwar Superintendent of Police Deshmukh Paris Anil said Harish died due to the injury sustained in the accident and investigation revealed that he was not beaten, Hindustan Times reported.

A compensation of Rs 4.12 lakh was given to the family of the deceased along with an assurance of a fair investigation, the daily reported.

Further, a murder charge against one named and one unidentified person was added to the FIR.

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