Tata Worse Than a Lala Company: Nirmalya Kumar Breaks His Silence
(Photo: Altered by <b>The Quint</b>)
(Photo: Altered by The Quint)

Tata Worse Than a Lala Company: Nirmalya Kumar Breaks His Silence

Cyrus Mistry’s close aide Nirmalya Kumar was dismissed soon after the former was fired as the TATA Group’s chairman. While he stayed mum on the issue till now, he finally broke his silence via social media.

At the risk of being self serving, what this episode shows is that there is no real difference between being a TATA company and a LALA company. The only difference is that the LALA company would have been more competent and kept it out of the press and not gone around the world giving lectures on “values”. But this does not reflect on the people who work at Tata as they are dedicated and do believe and live the values.
Nirmalya Kumar
(Photo: Facebook @<a href="https://www.facebook.com/nirmalya.kumar?fref=ufi">NirmalyaKumar</a>)
(Photo: Facebook @NirmalyaKumar)

This comment came in response to a post by Manoj Mohanka who reacted to the news of a legal notice being slapped on Kumar.

Transparency and probity in public space so why not in corporate India? Why are you running scared Mr.Tata? I have the privilege of knowing Nirmalya Kumar many long years and can swear by his sense of loyalty and integrity. I add with pride that I was one of his “sounding boards” when he was contemplating accepting the Tata strategy head offer. And the first to know when he did. He will never do anything antithetical to the interest of the Tata Group; which is different from the interests of Mr RN Tata as an individual! Alas,that distinction seems all mixed or else the notice would never have been issued.
Manoj Mohanka

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