YouTube Ensemble SnG Comedy Splits up Over ‘Creative Difference’
members of SNG Comedy
members of SNG ComedyPhoto: SNG Comedy

YouTube Ensemble SnG Comedy Splits up Over ‘Creative Difference’

Digital content lovers of India, it is a sad day for us. One of YouTube’s favourite comedy channels, SnG would no longer be the same again.

Here’s why.

Yes, Varun Thakur, Kautuk Srivastava and Neville Shah are no longer a part of the collective called SnG.

Knowing that the fans would be dying to know the reason behind this disheartening news, Varun went on to explain how the gang is splitting up over creative disagreement, and Karan Talwar would be running the show on his own.

We all agreed that SnG needed new content. We differed on the intent and the nature of this content. Karan had a bunch of ideas that we didn’t like. Karan also decided he would take full control of the functioning of the channel. 
Varun Thakur

What is more, Varun and the rest also realised that they didn’t have a legally binding control over the content they had so far produced for SnG.

We had given a lot of our best work to a channel over which we had no legal ownership
Varun Thakur

In other words the parting members feel shortchanged by Karan Talwar, who according to Varun Thakur, would run a one-man-show with the channel.

While their split up is a hard pill to swallow, we look forward to see what Varun and the rest would bring to the creative table in future.

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