Why Watch Netflix’s ‘Little Things’ S2? Cuz It’s Real & Relatable
Why Watch Netflix’s ‘Little Things’ S2? Cuz It’s Real & Relatable
(Photo: The Quint/Aroop Mishra)

Review: Why Watch Netflix’s ‘Little Things’ S2? Cuz It’s Real & Relatable

“It’s better to say something uncomfortable that’s bothering us than to not say it all.”

These simple words Dhruv says to Kavya before they bicker and when they resolve their squabble, is perhaps the truth about most relationships. Dice Media’s Little Things S2 is really about those momentary things in a relationship which can make or break it. If you’re thinking, “Oh, this is predictable stuff,” I would say skip it altogether.

A still from the credit sequence.
A still from the credit sequence.
(Photo: Youtube/Dice Media)

But if you have ever been in a relationship, you’ll see how this series shows you traces of yourself in the eight episodes. Relatable AF!

As compared to the last season, this season of Little Things has way more to offer. While the last season was all about the daily life of a couple in a live-in relationship, delving into the duo’s mundane yet resonant issues, this series has a definitive arc. In this chapter, they come of age and so does their relationship. As the trailer suggests, the ‘little things’ have big consequences in this season.

A still from <i>Little Things S2.</i>
A still from Little Things S2.
(Photo Courtesy: Netflix)

Certain things are true of all relationships. You must have gone through a phase where you were always into each other and then slowly things started to change. Work or other indefinable things created a chasm, difficult to cross or your partner’s erratic decision made you rethink things. Then there is the agreeable feeling you come home to - when your favourite traditional dish prepared by the person you love awaits you at the dinner table. You didn’t ask for it but someone thought you needed it and voila!

This is everything that Netflix’s Little Things S2 is all about.

As they mature in the season, the show gives you that little jump scare, “Damn! They will end their relationship.” 
A still from <i>Little Things S2.</i>
A still from Little Things S2.
(Photo: Facebook)

In eight, thirty-minute-episodes, the show gives us an elaborate idea of who Dhruv and Kavya are, what led them to the present. The dilemma lacing the ‘juggling a relationship and work’ situation has been captured well too. This series has to be Dice Media’s best written series targeting millennial audience. It might come as a surprise to many that the show (both seasons) has been written by the male lead Dhruv Sehgal.

One thing that some may like and others may not is that the show lacks artifice, relying on very organic moments. The makers have not resorted to melodrama, keeping things real and yet subtle. So if you like a simple show and enjoy relatability, chances are you’ll enjoy this season more than the previous one.

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But...there’s always a but!

Writing about just two characters with the breezy tonality of this show can get tedious and runs a risk of being repetitive.

The trick seems to have worked for two seasons but will it continue to be effective? Well, relationships have many shades and when you grow, the relationship grows with you. Will the show explore these possibilities?

If you ask me what works in favour of the show - Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar’s chemistry on screen is a hoot. The two look like best friends, so in love, it’s almost like you are getting a peek into the lives of a real couple. If you don’t think the plot of the show is too exciting, watch it for this couple.

Little Things S2 will be available on Netflix starting 5 October, 2018.

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