Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 2 Preview: Winter has Arrived
The battle for Winterfell is about to begin.
The battle for Winterfell is about to begin.(Photo courtesy Twitter)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 2 Preview: Winter has Arrived

The first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 was released on Monday morning, finally giving fans something to sink their teeth into after the extra-long hiatus post season 7.

From reunions to almost Bollywood-esque drama, the first episode had a lot to unpack, though it went at quite a sedate pace. But we know this is a do or die season for the characters, and the preview of season 8 episode 2, which came out just after episode 1, shows us there’s lots more excitement to come in the next episode.

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So what does that preview tell us? Here’s everything we learned:

The Jaime Conundrum

  • Jaime’s in trouble. Big trouble. After turning up in Winterfell at the end of season 8 episode 1, it looks like he’s been summoned before Queen Daenerys – who’s sounding like she’s got him almost on trial. After all, he did earn his moniker of ‘Kingslayer’ by betraying his oaths and murdering her father. Dany says:
“When I was a child, my brother would tell me a bedtime story about the man who murdered our father. And all the things we would do to that man.”
(Photo: Youtube/HBO/Screengrab)
  • Not surprisingly, Jaime looks a bit shocked, and appears to shoot a terrified look at Tyrion; is he hoping his little brother is going to save him from the Queen’s possibly harsh judgement? Will Tyrion need to return Jaime’s favour when he helped him escape from his death sentence?
  • We then cut to a scene of a very worried Tyrion, along with Varys and Ser Jorah, looking on as Daenerys strides out of the hall. Will the plight of his brother, the only family member who ever cared for him, affect Tyrion’s loyalty to the Queen whose Hand he is?

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Sansa the Alpha

  • “You should never have trusted Cersei,” Daenerys tells someone. Sansa icily says that Dany shouldn’t have either, probably a reference to Dany’s decision to believe that Cersei would send the Lannister army to help with the battle against the White Walkers. Jaime must have told them that Cersei isn’t sending help.
  • We then get a shot of Daenerys looking a bit – dare we say it – intimidated by Sansa. Or is she just irritated that the Lady of Winterfell isn’t falling at her feet like everybody else?
(Photo: Youtube/HBO/Screengrab)
  • Sansa’s tone is confident, her demeanour composed, even a bit self-satisfied. Is this after Jaime has revealed Cersei duped them all? That’s something Sansa would have never fallen for.

Prepare for Battle

The rest of the preview is mostly about the battle preparations. Here’s everything we get to see:

  • Gendry is making his dragonglass weapons. Is Arya’s special request ready? Soldiers rush around getting ready for battle.
  • Ser Jorah may not be getting Longclaw (which belonged to the Mormonts but is now with Jon) back, but he has got a different Valyrian steel blade – Heartsbane, the sword of House Tarly, that Sam stole from his father.

Has Sam dealt with his sorrow and anger against Daenerys, enough to give Jorah his prized sword? Her killing of Randyll Tarly will not have saddened many (maybe even Sam), but the burning to death of poor Dickon in season 7 episode 5 looked a really awful decision by someone we’ve generally rooted for without much question.

  • We get the voiceover from the trailer where Arya says Death has many faces and “I look forward to seeing this one.” But is Arya getting too cocky?
(Photo: Youtube/HBO/Screengrab)
  • Daenerys goes down to the crypts to meet a very troubled-looking Jon. Is he worried because he’s going to have to tell her he has a better claim to the throne? Has he suddenly realized he’s been romancing his aunt?
  • Arya’s practicing her archery again after a very long time – a bit of a throwback to the very first episode of season 1, when she bested Bran.
  • Tormund has made it to Winterfell without Dolorous Edd killing him for his “blue eyes”. Jon asks him how long they have.

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  • A trebuchet appears to be tested, to see how far it can throw a massive boulder. Don’t recall seeing any of those up in the North – whose idea was it to use those? Tyrion’s? Or Sansa’s? Let’s face it, they’re the only two ones who’re willing to think of battle strategy properly. Jon is all about the heroic charge and Daenerys is all about that ‘Fire and Blood’, not stratagems.
  • The troops start rallying outside the walls, with Jorah on horseback, probably as one of the commanders.
  • Grey Worm and Missandei share a kiss – a tender moment in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the preparations . Will he survive the battle to come? it’s been a very lowkey romance, this one, but I can’t think anyone isn’t rooting for them.
(Photo: Youtube/HBO/Screengrab)
  • Daenerys looks weary and irritated about something.

Is it because she now knows Jon is her nephew, or because Tyrion is arguing with her to spare Jaime or because of Sansa’s defiance of her authority? Or is she instead just worried (who wouldn’t be)?

  • Jon comes out from somewhere looking concerned – is this when Tormund gets back and he knows that means the Walkers are nearly on them?
  • Tormund tells Jon that the Walkers and their Wights will be at Winterfell “before the sun comes up tomorrow.”
  • We close with a scene of Tyrion staring over the battlements gloomily. It looks like we’re in the endgame now.
(Photo: Youtube/HBO/Screengrab)

Questions we Have After Watching That Preview

So does that mean the battle will begin in the very next episode? Or will they leave us with a cliffhanger?

Episode 3 is widely expected to be the Battle for Winterfell, as it’s the longest episode. Are the preparations ready? We’ve seen a few dragonglass weapons readied, one trebuchet in working order, and a bunch of troops at the ready, but this is the big showdown with the Night King and his forces, fresh after their massacre of the Umbers at the Last Hearth.

Will the tensions over Jon’s parentage create a rift between him and Dany? Will Jaime be given a chance to redeem himself? Will Arya’s training as a Faceless Man help her take on a foe even she will need to be a bit worried about? And will we see Ghost again? Worst of all, are we going to have to see Wight Hodor?

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