Sophie Turner’s Chill Bride Avatar is Such a Breath Of Fresh Air
Sophie Turner’s Chill Bride Avatar is Such a Breath Of Fresh Air
(Photo courtesy : Instagram)

Sophie Turner’s Chill Bride Avatar is Such a Breath Of Fresh Air

For all bridezillas incessantly flipping through Sabyasachi catalogues and getting your ghar ke paas waala tailor to fine copy a designer piece, you might just want to take a page from Sophie Turner’s wedding outfit and maybe sit back and I don’t know… chill?

Everyone knows weddings are only fun for the people who show up for baraat dancing, the open bar and an all paid 30 course buffet.

For the groom and the bride…not so much. Imagine doing over a 100 photo-ops, fake smiling till your jaw locks and avoiding the paps while you secretly try to eat that tikka you’ve been eyeing for the past 2 hours. And then getting frustrated when they still manage to get a shot of them with their mouths wide open!

Every move, every glance observed. ‘To hell with that’ said Sophie and Joe, and went max chill for their surprise wedding in Vegas.

Unlike her now sister in law, Priyanka Chopra, Sophie decided to ditch the itch to make this day all about the perfect little details. Instead, she slipped into the raddest silk jumpsuit, donned a pair of good ol’ goofy shades and a veil that err…was most definitely not 75 feet long, all the while Diplo dj-ed in what only looked like the coolest house party EVER. Also if you missed it the first time, Sophie’s wearing a candy ring in her ring finger. Can she get any cooler?

Of course she can get cooler. Just LOOK. Fresh poses served!

Not trying to rain over anyone’s parade here! We get that weddings are a big deal, at least the first-time round, ha! BUT looking at Sophie and Joe having so much fun without a care in the world is bound to make anyone envious, especially for those who’re losing hair and sleep over flower arrangements. DON’T STRESS IT.

However after this intimate affair with their closest friends and family, these newlyweds will fancy it up in France soon where they’re going to throw a wedding that’s more fitting for the Queen that Sansa, sorry we meant Sophie, is!

Sophie and Joe Jonas’ wedding invite 
Sophie and Joe Jonas’ wedding invite 
(Photo Courtesy : Instagram Story Screengrab/CoachMikeBayer)

But it will certainly not be a never ending saga like his brother, Nick’s wedding was, said Joe Jonas on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Honestly, we’re not even gonna complain.

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