Some Crazy Popular YouTube Videos That’ll Make you say WTF!
These are some talented souls ruling the internet!
These are some talented souls ruling the internet!

Some Crazy Popular YouTube Videos That’ll Make you say WTF!

Thinking out of the box is one thing but taking ‘creativity’ to a crazy level is another.

These extremely ‘creative’ people have clearly found the route to being famous. They are so bad that they’re actually good.

And they have some crazy YouTube views to vouch for their popularity.


Time for Some Potty-training

This video by Wilbur Sargunaraj has over 16,30,914 views and it shows how to take a dump in Indian toilets. Yes, you heard it right.

It is probably true that YouTube has demonstration videos for anything and everything that involves ‘doing’ something. The guy in the video is dressed in formals while he demonstrates how to do the deed!

He was also awarded India’s ‘first YouTube star’ by The Times of India. You can watch some of his other crazy videos here.

Weekly Love

The lyrics, music and cinematography of this ‘exceptional’ music video will make you forget your English. But this video has garnered some 30,06,839 views.

But we must say, the performer’s confidence is mind-blowing. We’re just trying to ignore the poor Photoshop skills in the background.

Too Much Depth

This video could have probably inspired Gurmeet Ram Rahim aka MSG. With a dash of MSG’s persona and inspiration from Simi Garewal’s wardbrobe, he is just what the internet needed.

The actor/singer/powerhouse of talent with his long tresses did manage to get 14,04,391 views for this masterpiece.

Tamil DeQoded

This is a Tamil Prabhu Deva song called ‘Kalluri Vaanil’. An American guy wrote the lyrics for the song – exactly as he thought the Tamil words sounded in English.

And the lyrics he wrote is hilarious and the cocktail of the bizarre English translation along with Prabhu Deva’s dance moves makes it one of a kind. This video got about 5,615,865 views.

P.S. This is not a translation of the Tamil song.

Shakira Must be Crying

A lot of us have grooved to Shakira’s trippy World Cup song Waka Waka. Now, listen to this Bangladeshi version that’ll make you go ROFL!

Shakira must have shed a few tears if she heard this!

Dhoom Returns

This is B-grade cinema at its worst with some crazy graphics and special effects. We think it draws from the Dhoom series, and is some rather wacky ‘inspiration’.

Watch it at your own risk.

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