Skinny Jeans Won’t Die, But They Must 

Skinny jeans landed an Australian woman in hospital. Really. 

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Skinny Jeans (Photo: iStockphoto) 

Most women no longer need fashion advice — indeed, no advice at all! But please allow us this one liberty of advising you against wearing skinny jeans.

Sculptural fit or sculptural glitch (Photo: iStockphoto) 
Sculptural fit or sculptural glitch (Photo: iStockphoto) 

Why, you may ask? Don’t skinny jeans contour your body with their sculptural fit? Well, yes. But there’s more to your legs than them looking like tree branches. Also, because skinny jeans are fashionable asphyxiation of the legs; a corset for the thighs; a third degree in a temperature of 45 degrees.

Third Degree in 45 Degrees

Shraddha Kapoor. (Photo: Yogen Shah)
Shraddha Kapoor. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

Would you really want skinnies to swallow your legs in the scorching heat? Well, for those of us who travel in the metro, fashion be damned, really. But turns out it doesn’t — skinny jeans are everywhere, and on everyone. Never mind they are so last season.

But since skinny jeans are largely considerate with their elasticity, they have accommodated men and women of all shapes and sizes. What started as a subculture dressing statement for Punk bands like Clash – their tight jeans were then colloquially termed bondage jeans – has become a mainstream sellout, all thanks to the Levis’ 524.

Deshabille Denims

Baggy flares, boyfriend jeans, high waisted flared denim pants have long born the reputation of looking shabby. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Emmanuelle Alt, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris can strut in them. The authoritarian voice of fashion recently wore looser, straight-leg jeans—a shift away from skinny Parisian chic.

Emmanuelle Alt, the editor-in-chief of <i>Vogue</i> Paris. (Photo: Facebook)&nbsp;
Emmanuelle Alt, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. (Photo: Facebook) 

It may take time. It may take guts. But at the end of the day, when you wear those loose jeans with nice kitten heels and a smart shirt, you can survive the fiercest fashion gauntlet thrown in your face by those ‘fashionable types’.

(Photo: Tumblr)&nbsp;
(Photo: Tumblr) 

As I write this wearing breezy linen pants, so far, I have been feelin’ the love.

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