Weird Wedding Customs From Around the World to Make You Cringe

These wedding traditions from different cultures will freak you out.

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All unmarried young men are allowed to kiss the bride in Sweden. (Photo Courtesy: <a href="http://">Twitter</a>)

Wedding traditions are a big part of our lives and it is definitely something we are fond of. Having said that, there are a few wedding traditions that are quite unconventional, and perhaps not in a good way. They might make you cringe and even rethink these traditional wedding customs and ceremonies. Here are a few strange wedding traditions from all over the world that will make you think twice before being taking part.

Rotten Beginnings to a Married Life in Scotland

(Photo Courtesy: <a href="http://">Twitter</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Scotland has a strange wedding tradition where the bride and the groom are pelted with rotten food and trash. And yes! That includes rotten eggs as well. The Scots believe that if the couple can withstand this, they can withstand anything in their married life. Quite a rotten endurance test for the newlyweds, don’t you think?

Big, Fat Mauritian Bride

(Photo Courtesy: <a href="http://"></a>)
(Photo Courtesy:

In Mauritius, the bride is supposed to be fat and chubby on her wedding day. Normally, we would say ‘yay’ as it breaks stereotypes that brides should be stick thin on their special day. But here, the bride is literally forced to pig out before her wedding day just so she can gain weight. This custom often results in the bride falling sick due to excessive weight gain. What a wonderful way to start a new life!

Tears Make for a Happy Marriage in Kyrgyzstan

(Photo Courtesy: <a href="http://">Twitter</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

In Krygyzstan, an old custom claims that tears on a wedding day will make for a happy marriage. Parents arrange for their sons to marry a girl who will cry on her wedding day. Guess brains, skills and even beauty can go down the drain if the bride can gather enough tears. So a long and happy marriage starts with a single tear.

A Whale's Tooth Is the Way to a Fijian Bride's Heart

(Photo Courtesy :<a href="http://"> Pinterest</a>)
(Photo Courtesy : Pinterest)

In Fiji, finding a perfect bride maybe quite easy. But impressing her? Not so much. All men have to find a very unusual gift before then can ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. The groom must present his prospective father-in-law with a whale’s tooth before he can even be eligible to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. So even if you are Ranbir Kapoor, if you don’t have a whale tooth, you out of the race bro!

You May Now Kiss All the Eligible Singles at Your Wedding in Sweden

(Photo Courtesy: <a href="http://">Twitter</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Sweden has a unique wedding tradition where it is customary for the groom to disappear during the wedding ceremony, and leave the bride alone. Don’t be shocked just yet. There’s more. All the young and unmarried men present at the wedding are then allowed to kiss the bride as part of this very strange ritual. Similarly, the bridesmaids can also kiss the groom. Beginning of a happy marriage or access to an open marriage?

Beat the Groom's Feet in South Korea

(Photo Courtesy: <a href="http://">Pinterest</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)

In South Korea, the friends of the groom tie his feet together and hit his feet with a rod. Ouch! That must surely hurt. But in their defence, this ritual before the ceremony will make the groom strong before his wedding night (will it really?). But who are we to question. According to them, this ritual holds a special place in the Korean culture as this ritual tests the groom’s strength and knowledge (although, we really wonder how).

Countdown to Crying in China

(Photo Courtesy:<a href="http://"> Twitter</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Weddings are such a happy occasion. Or maybe not. As a part of a ritual by Tulja people of China, the bride starts crying 30 days before the wedding. After 10 days she is joined by her mother. Another 10 days later, she is joined by her grandmother. All this while, the bride never stops crying as it is meant to bring happiness to her wedding life. We don’t know about that. But it is definitely one way to keep track of time before the wedding.

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