Meet Himesh Reshammiya, the Style Icon We Forgot 

Here are five things that make Himesh Reshammiya a star! 

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Meet Himesh Reshammiya, the Style Icon We Forgot 

Himesh Reshammiya is a multi-faceted talent for sure. If you don’t agree, remember he managed to produce, write, direct, distribute and make music for a movie. Yes! He did it all for his movie – Karzzzz!

Yeah, the last four alphabets pretty much said it all about the impact it had on the audience. But wait, before you go, meet Himesh the style icon.

Himesh Gave India Its First Earworm – ‘Aashiq Banaya’

If you thought ‘Dinchak Pooja’ is the only one who can make songs stick in your head because of the singer’s... unique... voice, you’re clearly forgetting this gem from 2005.

Let’s bet on a hundred if you can find one person who didn’t complain after hearing this one. And you can blame me, if you can now hear that ‘oooooooo’ right now. Sorry guys!

Guess Who Made Caps Cool? Him-esh!

Pretty sure millennial kids who remember Himesh Reshammiya’s Aap Kaa Surroor album, will remember his cap. From then on, every time someone thought of him, they’d picture a cap and a mic as much as the nasal ring in the head. Kid you not, he wore the cap in all the songs.

Fun fact: Aap Ka Suroor is the highest selling non-film music album of all time. 

Guess Deepika Padukone worked the magic for him as she first appeared in a music video in this album with Himesh before her big break in Om Shanti Om.

Have You Noticed His Hair?

Meet Himesh Reshammiya, the Style Icon We Forgot 
(Photo: Twitter) 
Oh no, not this...wait up. 
Meet Himesh Reshammiya, the Style Icon We Forgot 
(Photo: Twitter) 
Yeah, this. 

For years, Himesh Reshammiya made caps cool. But then, one day, there he was with those volumes of golden streaked hair, turning heads wherever he went. Rumour has it, that the Gujju boy had undergone a hair transplant because of the movie projects coming his way. Wait, what?

Moving on...

He Is India’s Original Brooding Beauty

Long before Edward Cullen happened, Himesh figured that some women don’t find smiling men very attractive. This was perhaps the time when our generation was done with Shah Rukh Khan’s dimples and needed a change. So there came Himesh Reshammiya. Just posing with his mysterious sulk made everyone wonder what he was planning next.

Want to challenge someone to find 10 smiling Himeshphotos?

(Photo: GIPHY)

He’s Honest!

Ever since his debut as a singer, everyone has been in agreement that Himesh’s singing is extremely nasal. People said it even after Aap Ka Suroor’s success and even when Aashiq Banaya and Jhalak Dikhlaja became chart toppers! He kept saying it was his high-pitched singing and not because he was nasal.

But come 2007, Himesh himself accepted that he’s a nasal singer in an interview with Times of India.

So here’s wishing honest Himesh a very happy 45th birthday!

Meet Himesh Reshammiya, the Style Icon We Forgot 
(Photo: GIPHY)

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