Dolly Parton Gives The Internet Its First Viral Meme Of 2020
Dolly Parton meme challenge
Dolly Parton meme challengePhoto Courtesy: The Quint

Dolly Parton Gives The Internet Its First Viral Meme Of 2020

The internet gods have given us the first viral meme trend of 2020 - The Dolly Parton challenge. The infamous country singer posted a grid of photos of herself on Instagram. The four photos were four different pictures of her defining her different personas on social media. The caption read - “Get you a woman who can do it all”.

The photo sparked an interest among netizens and soon started trending all over the internet, with various celebrities hopping on the bandwagon too!


Priyanka chopra also participated in the challenge but plugged bumble and bumble biz instead of tinder and linkedin, adding her own twist on it.

These bollywood stars also meme-d themselves for the challenge-

But of course, our favorite one had to be this one with Karan Johar. This post, perfectly describes Kjo’s personas online, he’s unabashadley himself no matter what app he’s on and we dig it!

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