Priyanka Gandhi Gives A Shout Out To Her ‘Lady’ Chopper Pilot
Priyanka Gandhi (Photo: Twitter/<a href="">Priyanka Gandhi Vadra</a>)<a href="">Verified account</a>_
Priyanka Gandhi (Photo: Twitter/Priyanka Gandhi Vadra)Verified account_

Priyanka Gandhi Gives A Shout Out To Her ‘Lady’ Chopper Pilot

Campaigning for Lok Sabha elections 2019 has been nothing short of a sledge-fest, laced with hate speech, fake news on Whatsapp, and of course sexist comments.

You can’t escape headlines that read like this:


Or this, for that matter:

(Photo: TheQuint)

Which is why, those craving a bit of positivity in these otherwise sobering times, lapped up the latest photo that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had shared on Twitter.

“So proud to be flown by a lady today, that too in a chopper!”
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Her post appreciated the pilot who flew her in a chopper for a campaign rally in Fatehpur Sikri, as this report explains.

This comes perfectly inline with the kind of messaging Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has positioned herself for. Take her maiden campaign speech for example: she had addressed the rally with ‘behno aur bhaiyo’ instead of the classic ‘bhaiyo aur behno’, sending a clear message that she would put women first.

Her brand of feminism has been an integral part of her campaign. One may argue that it is all for assimilating votes and part of being a smart politician to engage women voters. At a time when vulgar and sexist comments is an everyday affair – whatever be their political affiliation – Gandhi’s approach to use feminism as a political weapon is a healthy break.

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