Man Flashes at a Girl in an ATM in Mumbai, She Gets him Arrested
Man flashes at a girl in a Mumbai ATM. 
Man flashes at a girl in a Mumbai ATM. (Photo: Instagram) 

Man Flashes at a Girl in an ATM in Mumbai, She Gets him Arrested

A 38-year-old man was arrested on charges of molestation for flashing a girl inside a State Bank of India ATM on Sunday in Mumbai. According to The Hindu, the accused, Sandeep Kumbharkar, was nabbed after the girl complained against him to a Navghar police patrolling team.

The incident happened at 3 AM in an ATM where the accused was helping the complainant with some money as she was unable to pay the auto rickshaw. On the pretext of taking money out of an ATM machine, the accused touched her inappropriately and even flashed at her.

In a sudden fit of courage, the girl confronted the accused and shot a video on her mobile phone which she later posted on social media. The video has now gone viral.

Recalling the event on social media, the complainant said:

I’m once again at the ATM trying to withdraw money, and the man enters the ATM once again. But this time, he moves in closer and touches my shoulder and thigh, again, asking if I need help. I instantly back off and yell at him to stay away from me, and that I don’t need his help. I go back to trying to withdraw money again, and he’s still there. When I hear him, he’s calling out to me and blatantly asking me to look at his hard dick that he had pulled out of his denim’s zipper area. I quietly start my video recorder and turn the camera right at him. That’s when he freaks out and runs out of the ATM.

The minute he flashed, the complainant started filming him. She then ran outside the ATM to look for a PCR van. The accused meanwhile started running himself. The cops after watching he video followed the man and nabbed him.

The complainant went to the police station the next day and officially filled an FIR against him. She wrote in her social media post that the accused was crying the next day claiming that he was ‘drunk’.

He was crying and pleading, but I knew I had to take action against him. So, along with my dad, I filed an FIR against him. He claimed to be drunk at the time, which does not excuse his actions at all. What he did, was scary and terrifying. This was a locality wherein I felt safe. But he has ruined it for me. I can’t walk the streets feeling the same sense of safety. AND THIS IS MY HOME!
Complainant on her social media post. 

The complainant hopes to take up the issue in the court.

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