Game of Thrones’ Most Guarded Secret Is...a Teleportation Device?

Fans have finally unearthed the biggest secret of Game of Thrones and its screwy timelines... or not.

Published31 Jul 2017, 04:35 PM IST
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Forget White Walkers, dragons or the Lord of The Light, Game Of Thrones’ most guarded secret could actually be a teleportation device that the characters have been using.

For the past six seasons, Game of Thrones fans could only speculate. But after the events (or the lack of, for that matter) in episode 3 of season 7, fans are sure that some Deus Ex Machina is in play behind the instant apparition of GoT characters, transcending unity of time place and action.

How else would you explain THIS as the very first scene?

Jon Snow lands on Dragonstone.
Jon Snow lands on Dragonstone.
(Photo Courtesy: Screenshot/Game Of Thrones)

Yes. Game Of Thrones just defied all laws time and space when Olenna Tyrell miraculously appeared in Highgarden, waiting for her doom, when until the last episode, she was very much in Dragonstone, as this fan points out.

Or as this one rightfully asked.

Wasn’t it just YESTERDAY that Olenna Tyrell was at Dragonstone? So, what? She teleported to the South-West, to casually chill at Highgarden? Same applies to the Unsullied. Dragonstone is in the EAST, Casterly Rock in the WEST. Their ships would have to sail AROUND Westeros. But nope. They get there in one episode.
Jude Sannith Sujendran, GoT fan

Fans also scratched their heads over Jon Snow reaching Dragonstone faster than Brandon could travel less than one-forth the distance from The Wall to Winterfell.

Time Turner, Anyone?

The only answer is a teleportation device!

Did the Writers Get Lazy?

Unless, of course, you consider simply lazy writing on part of the makers.

This isn't the first time the show’s makers were blamed for messing up the time line. When Varys was shown crossing the sea twice in a single episode in season 6, him using a teleportation device, quite like Potterverse’s Time Turner became an inside joke among fans.

And apparently the show’s writer did take notice of the social media chatter on this and responded with this in his own defence.

GoT’s Screenwriter On the Show’s Impossible Time Jumps

While viewers do consider the limitations of the visual medium to take the same liberty that a book might have taken with showing how the characters traveled, the curious case of Game of Thrones characters’ impossible journeys across Westeros remains a hot topic for fans to obsess over.

A teleportation device may not be a bad plot twist, after all. George RR Martin, are you listening?

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