What Traditional Ceremonies for Deepika and Ranveer Could Be 

want to know what the much talked of konkani wedding ceremonies of deepika and ranveer’s wedding will be about?

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What sets their wedding ceremony apart from others?

Curious about what a Konkani wedding ceremony really is? Here are are some things you might not know that make the ceremonies quite unique

Udida Muhurat: Black pulse, an auspicious grain is ground by both the bride and groom..

This some say is to gently get the couple to taste the ‘grind’of married life. Idlis made from this black gram are then eaten by the bride and the groom.

2. Kashi Yatra- This is a lighthearted moment in the ceremony where the bridegroom says he is going to give up his worldly life and go away to Kashi or Benaras.

The father of the bride then persuades him to come back to the wedding...though I am sure here Ranveer won’t need much persuasion

3. Mandap Puja- The bride, and her mother do a puja to the mandapam and a string of black beads is placed around the girl’s neck

4. Kanyadaan- While milk is poured over the bride’s hands, the father of the bride 'gives her away'

5. Kasthali- The Bride and the Groom sit together at last, and with a cloth held between them to the chanting of mantras, after which garlands are exchanged.

The groom is also given corals and a gold kasthali or mangalsutra which is tied around the brides necked

6. Layi Homa- Here the brides maternal uncles and brothers join the couple

These male relatvies do pradakshinas around the homam or fire themselves, after which the bride and groom do the same with first the groom leading and then the bride. He leads her by holding her hands with her thumbs

7. Saptapadi- It is said that the couple are considered married after these seven steps are taken

8. Honti Bhorche- The brides half moon bindi is changed into a full moon shape to signify her being married

Then the couple do another homam or havan for the first time as husband and wife and the girl changes into a saree given to her by her mother in law

9. Var Ubbarche- Here the bride and groom sit together and share a banana between them...

This could signify the morning when the bride cooks for the groom

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