Kalki Koechlin Tries to Decode Some ‘Shudh’ Hindi Words
Kalki guessing Hindi words is a riot.
Kalki guessing Hindi words is a riot.(Photo: The Quint)

Kalki Koechlin Tries to Decode Some ‘Shudh’ Hindi Words


We gave Kalki Koechlin some really tough Hindi words, and asked her to decode their meanings. Kalki was a riot, and the results were absolutely hilarious.

These were the words and here are their meanings:

1) Paritoshik (पारितोषिक)

Meaning- Reward

2) Hriday parivartan ( ह्रदय परिवर्तन)

Meaning- Change of Heart

3) Varishth (वरिष्ठ)

Meaning- Senior

4) Rim jhim (रिम झिम)

Meaning- Drizzling of rain

5) Garisht (गरिष्ट)

Meaning- Proud

6) Hutatma (हुतात्मा)

Meaning- Soul

7) Parivarik (पारिवारिक)

Meaning- Familial

8) Abhiruchi (अभिरुचि)

Meaning- Aptitude

9) Shaikshanik (शैक्षणिक)

Meaning- Educational

10) Swabhimaan (स्वाभिमान)

Meaning- Self Respect

11) Atiuttam (अति उत्तम)

Meaning- Very good

12) Sarvashresth (सर्वश्रेष्ठ)

Meaning- The best

13) Sadhan (साधन)

Meaning- Resources

14) Mansik( मानसिक)

Meaning- Mental

15) Pratiyogi (प्रतियोगी)

Meaning- Contestant

Kalki tried her best to come up with the meanings, but couldn’t guess most of them! She was a complete sport though and even went on to construct sentences with the wrong meaning of the word. She candidly admits to not knowing the meanings of the words and that she wanted to learn their meaning.

Kalki’s next project is the second season of her BBC podcast Kalki Presents: My Indian Life, where she speaks to young Indians from different parts of the country, who’ve made a difference through their actions.

Camera: Sanjoy Deb
Assistant Camera: Gautam Sharma
Producer: Nandakumar Rammohan

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