If Amitabh Bachchan Translated Our Millennial-speak Into Hindi...

If Amitabh Bachchan Translated Our Millennial-speak Into Hindi...


Video Editor: Deepthi Ramdas
Producer: Yagya Sachdeva
Camera: Shiv Kumar Maurya


Hindi cinema is synonymous with Amitabh Bachchan, and he surely represents the Hindi bit immaculately. His control, his diction, his command over the Hindi language is at par with that of a scholar. But what I can't seem to get over is his take on a language I probably speak like a scholar – millennial.

In one of his tweets, Big B gave us the Hindi definition of the word ‘selfie’, and mind you I was flipping through my Hindi dictionary, because sadly, it went right over my head.

Now, I know me and my millennial kin have our own linguistic identity but Big B's tweet sure did make me wonder... if he were to give his shuddh Hindi twist to our millennial bhasha, what would some of those words sound like?

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1. Mukhya Manushya

This person holds utmost importance in your life, they're your hashtag number one priority. If you still didn't guess it, then Big B's making eyes at you, friends! This term is the Hindi version of good ol’ ‘BAE’. Honestly, it's got a better ring than its western counterpart and I totally see the appeal of using it to sound like I drank some of that Munshi Premchand Kool-aid.

2. Internet Duniya Mein Naak Mein Dam Karne Waala Praani

This is how Big B would describe a troll – politely, but with strong impact. Probably the nicest things trolls would be compared to, a blocked nose! Respectful Hindi diss for the win!

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3. Nishkalank Avastha

A state of ultra perfection, or in Insta-speak, this term means 'on fleek’. But hear me out, don't you think telling someone that their eyebrows seem to be in a Nishkalank Avastha sounds way more engaging than “yo brows on fleek g”? I mean...

4. Atiranjit

My absolute favourite millennial term's Hindi version sounds way more intelligent than what it’s English version does. The Hindi version for the word 'extra' sounds so extra... seems only fitting.

Hope Big B is impressed with this little endeavour and high-key popularises the use of 'Mukhya Manushya' as a substitute of BAE. Till then, I'll remember to keep updating my shabdkosh to understand his tweets!

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